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In short, Isotopes are members of an element's family that have the same number of protons but differ in the number of neutrons they have. On the Periodic Table, an element's atomic number is determined by the number of protons in its nucleus.

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What are Isotopes?

An isotope is an atom with a variable number of neutrons but the same number of protons and electrons. Different isotopes of an element have different neutron numbers, which implies that they have varying masses. An element's designation is followed by a superscript number indicating the number of protons and neutrons in that element. Deuterium (denoted as 2H or D) contains one neutron and one proton, for example, among the hydrogen isotopes. This is almost double the mass of protium (1H), while tritium (3H) is around three times the mass of protium (1H).

On geologic timeframes, stable isotopes contain nuclei that do not decay to other isotopes, although they can be generated by the decay of radioactive isotopes. Isotopes that are radioactive (unstable) have nuclei that decay spontaneously over time to generate other isotopes. The interaction of cosmic-ray neutrons with stable 14N, for example, produces 14C, a radioisotope of carbon, in the atmosphere. 14C decays to 14N by emitting a beta particle and has a half-life of 5,730 years. "Radiogenic" nitrogen is the stable 14N created by radioactive decay. This chapter focuses on isotopes that are stable and non radiogenic.

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Types of Isotopes

Stable Isotopes

Stable isotopes are those that have a stable proton-neutron pair and show no signs of decay. The quantity of neutrons in an atom contributes to its stability. When an atom has either too many or too few neutrons, it becomes unstable and disintegrates. Because stable isotopes do not decay, they do not create radiation or the health concerns that come with it.

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Radio-active Isotopes

Protons and neutrons are in an unstable combination in radioactive isotopes. These isotopes decay, generating alpha, beta, and gamma rays as a result. Long-lived, cosmogenic, anthropogenic, and radiogenic radioactive isotopes are classified by scientists based on how they were created. Long-lived radioactive isotopes form during the birth of the solar system, whereas cosmogenic radioactive isotopes form when the atmosphere reacts to cosmic rays released by stars. Human-made nuclear operations, such as weapons testing and nuclear fuel manufacture, produce anthropogenic isotopes, whereas radiogenic isotopes are the end consequence of radioactive decay. The uses of both these isotopes are mentioned in our Types of Isotopes homework help service, which you check out anytime.

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