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When an immune system works properly, it does not allow germs to enter your body. It limits their harm or kills them instantly. For keeping your immune system in a good working condition, you must stay active, get proper sleep, must not gain weight, eat healthy foods, lessen your stress levels, and follow healthful habits.

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What is meant by the Immune System?

People’s immune system is an intricate network of organs, tissues, and cells. They help the body fight diseases and infections. When some germs, like viruses or bacteria, invade people’s bodies, they attack as well as multiply, and it is known as an infection. This infection gives rise to various diseases and turns a person sick.

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Parts of a Person’s Immune System

A person’s immune system comprises cells and organs, and they work collectively to protect him from germs. This is why people become better quickly. Some vital parts of a person’s immune system are:

  • White blood cells – White blood cells work as an army against damaging viruses and bacteria. These cells attack and kill germs for keeping people healthy.
  • Lymph nodes – The lymph nodes are small glands that filter and kill germs. And so, they do not get to other parts of people’s bodies. They comprise immune cells and they analyze the foreign invaders that enter the body.
  • Spleen – Spleen does the job of storing white blood cells and they defend a person’s body from foreign invaders. Additionally, the spleen filters people’s blood and destroys damaged and old red blood cells.
  • Adenoids and tonsils – As adenoids and tonsils are situated in a person’s nasal passage and throat they can trap foreign invaders when they enter the body.

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The Working Process of the Immune System

A person’s immune system works hard for keeping him healthy, and its job is to keep germs out of people’s bodies.

If your immune system works properly then it would recognize the cells that are yours besides the substances that don’t belong to your body. The immune system mobilizes, activates, kills, and attacks the invader germs that cause people harm. People’s immune system learns well about germs after they become exposed to them. A person’s body forms antibiotics for protecting him from particular germs.

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Your immune system develops antibiotics, and most often, doctors prescribe antibiotics for helping people’s immune systems if they become sick. Now if your immune system does not work properly, then it would fail in mounting a winning attack if an issue, like an infection forms. Most often, people’s immune system mounts attacks in the absence of an invader or does not avert an attack when the invader has got killed, and these activities result in many problems, like allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases.

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