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Human activities incessantly influence the temperature and climate of the Earth by cutting down forests, burning fossil fuels, and farming livestock. It includes a massive amount of greenhouse gas to those that occur naturally in the atmosphere, thus, increasing global warming and the greenhouse effect.

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How Have Human Activities Augmented the Levels of GHG and Changed the Global Climate Patterns?

Human activities have massively affected the atmosphere, oceans, and land, and these alterations have changed the patterns of global climate. Lessening the quantity of forest cover, releasing various chemicals into the atmosphere, burning fossil fuels, quick expansion of industrial activities, development, and farming release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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The Pollution of the Earth

Our atmosphere happens to be a defensive layer of gases that surround the Earth. Most of the time, it gets polluted by some natural sources, like spewing gases or the eruption of the volcano. Again, human activities too pollute the atmosphere. Most often, the byproducts of people’s daily activities, such as creating energy and utilizing motor vehicles release pollutants. So, why wait as you can always connect to us to get unmatched assignment solutions from us.

Some Kinds of Air Pollution that Human Activities Cause

  • Chemicals – Chemicals comprise sulfur dioxide gas that oil refineries and coal release. A few of these chemicals participate in reactions that happen in the atmosphere, giving rise to acid rain.
  • Urban smog – Urban smog are harmful gases that can irritate people’s throat, nose, and eyes in the short term. And when people remain exposed to these gases in the long term, they suffer from lung and heart problems.
  • Greenhouse gases, such as carbon-di-oxide – Greenhouse gases remain present in the atmosphere naturally. However, human activities also release them in huge quantities, resulting in global climate change.

Relation Between Human Activities and Our Atmosphere

Human activities make changes in the climate as they cause some alterations in the atmosphere of the Earth. The most significant known contribution is witnessed when fossil fuels are burnt, and this discharges carbon dioxide gas into our atmosphere. Aerosols and greenhouse gases affect the climate by changing outgoing infrared radiation and incoming solar radiation, and they are a vital part of the energy balance of the Earth.

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When humans change the atmospheric abundance of these particles and gases, it results in the cooling or warming the climate system. When the industrial era was started, the general effect of different human activities has turned into a warming influence.

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How can You Shield Yourself from the Adverse Influences of Air Pollution?

  • Do not use your vehicles often
  • Utilize more fuel-efficient products and cleaner fuels
  • Factories must utilize control devices

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