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Stock is a generic word and is used for describing the ownership in one or more than one company. Shares have a specific meaning. It indicates the ownership of a specific company.

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Stocks and Shares

Investment professionals use the word stock synonymous with companies that are traded publicly. These might refer to value stocks, energy stocks, good-sector stocks, small-cap and large-cap stocks, blue-chip stocks, and others. When people discuss stock, they talk about common stock. 

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Common stock represents the ownership shares in a company. When people discuss stocks, it is referred to as common stock. Common shares are dividends and they confer voting rights. Stockholders can exercise control on management issues and corporate policy than preferred shareholders.

Shares are the smallest denomination of the stock of a company. Common and preferred are the different classes of the stock. They have different privileges and rights and also trade at various prices. The common shareholders can vote on the company’s personnel. Preferred shareholders do not carry voting rights and they have a priority to get repaid when a company becomes bankrupt. These kinds of shares might pay dividends, however, those in a preferred class shall be paid first when a dividend is declared.

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What are the Benefits to Own Stock?

There are a lot of potential benefits to owning stocks and shares in a company. The benefits are discussed in our Stocks and Shares assignment help:

Claim on Assets: Shareholders have a claim on the company’s assets. These claims are relevant if the company goes through liquidation. During liquidation, the assets and liabilities of a company are considered. After the creditors are paid, shareholders can claim the remaining amount. It is why stock investments have higher risks compared to debt as creditors are paid off before equity holders. When there are no cases after repayment of debt then equity shareholders get nothing.

Capital Gains and Dividends: Stockholders may receive earnings that are paid as dividends. Companies determine the dividend amount that should be paid in a period including a quarter or a year or it might retain the earnings for expanding the business. Besides dividends, stockholders enjoy capital gains from the increase in stock prices.

Power to Vote: One more feature of stock is that shareholders have the right to vote for management changes when a company is not managed properly. Annual meetings are held for reporting the performance of a company. If stockholders and investors disagree with the present operation of a company, they can negotiate changes in business strategy and management.

Limited Liability: When people own stocks or shares of a company, their nature is limited. If a company becomes bankrupt, the shareholders are not liable for losses personally.

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Why Trade Stocks and Shares?

People trade stocks and shares to gain exposure to the global growth and economic health and the individual company. As stated in our Stocks and Shares homework help service, it is used mainly for short-term strategies.

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