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Statistics is a part of mathematics that includes organization, presentation, interpretation, analysis, and also the collection of data for different purposes. For students, it is one of the toughest subjects to deal with during their academic life. Normally, the students are scared of mathematical assignments. But, when they have to deal with the advanced versions of mathematics (statistics), the trouble increases by various folds. To help the students in this situation, BookMyEssay offers Statistic assignment help at reasonable prices. You will be free of all your worries and stress related to statistic assignments if you consult us for the same.

Application of Statistics in Different Fields and Industries

Statistics is one of the few branches that has its application in an array of industries and fields. And we have offered statistics assignment help for each of these industries and branches. Some major areas where statistics play a key role include:

  1. Business: To attain success, a businessperson needs to take right decisions at right time. These decisions are related to production, customer satisfaction, delivery of goods/services, and management of employees. With the help of statistics, the businesses can streamline the production to match the taste of the consumers. The quality of the products and efficiency of the employees can also be tested through the statistical methods.
  2. Banking: Bankers can predict the number of individuals who are going to make deposits in the banks compared to the individuals who will request for loans.
  3. Quantitative psychology: The statistics are used in this field to explain the modifications of mental processes and human behaviors.
  4. Natural and social sciences: The researchers use statistical methods to examine the results of their experiments. The results are also tested for their significance in different fields, such as Physics, Biology, Meteorology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and other related fields.
  5. Management and Administration: A government of a nation is dependent on statistics for most of its operations. The federal and state-level budgets are prepared using statistical data. This happens because the statistical data is the most accurate data to estimate the possible expenditure and revenue. The government also decides whether there is need of increasing the minimum wage in relation to rising cost of living.
  6. Mathematics: No doubt the statistics is a part of mathematics, but one can use statistical methods in pure mathematics, too. These methods are applied in concepts like algebra, differentiation, and integration.
  7. Ecology: In a sub-field of ecology known as population ecology, the researchers study the dynamics of species population. The interaction of the populations with the environment is also studied using statistical methods.
  8. Astronomy: The astronomers have to measure the distance, mass, density, and size of various heavenly bodies through observation. To minimize the chances of errors, statistical methods are used for these measurements.
  9. Economics: Statistics are utilized by economists for the collection and analysis of information. The statistical information is also used to analyze the relationship between export & import and supply & demand.
  10. Epidemiology: To study the factors that affect the health of a population, statistical methods are used. These methods are also utilized for logical interventions related to preventive medicine.

Apart from these fields, the statistics are used in geography, psychometrics, operations research, econometrics, population studies, and finance. These applications also show that there is huge demand of professionals who are well-versed in this field. If you, too, have to solve assignments related to these applications of statistical methods, you can contact BookMyEssay for statistic assignment writing help.

Specializations in Statistics

The students can opt for one of these areas for specialization:

  • Descriptive statistics: This specialization deals with summarization and interpretation of the collected data in order to form a meaningful pattern. To apply descriptive statistics, two types of statistical ideas are used. The first one is graphical summary, which involves graphical representation for the purpose of data analysis. The second one is the numerical summary, which includes mean, median, quartile, and mode for data analysis.
  • Inferential statistics: This is a specialization that involves equating or inferring of data using general conditions. The methods used in inferential statistics include testing of hypothesis, regression, principle component analysis, and sample.

If your assignment is related to one of these specializations, you can trust us with statistic assignment help.

Why do Students Find Statistics Assignment Difficult?

For some students, it is the conceptual part rather than the math part that sounds difficult. There are various concepts from statistics, such as the Central Limit Theorem, which give hard time to the students.

Some students find the assignments difficult, as it requires more data analysis and interpretation than calculus. One may receive questions in which he/she has to identify the type distribution it is and further solve the probability. Unlike calculus, the answers are not just the numbers. They, sometimes, are explanations that are supported by the calculations and observations.

Sometimes, the use of various terms in statistics confuses the students, and they start hating the statistics. Some students who have to study statistics just for the sake of application in their respective field find the calculations and concepts intimidating.

Features of BookMyEssay

BookMyEssay has employed assignment writers who are experienced statisticians that are well versed in the use of statistical methods and correct interpretation of data and provide statistics assignment help. The importance of data is very important in these assignments. Therefore, the writers, who offer statistic assignment help, recheck the assignment to ensure there is no data or calculation error. You can also ask us for string of data, software code, and output if you feel that your faculty will get impressed with these add-ons. You can also be sure that the graphs and diagrams are as per the requirements of the assignment.

When compared to other statistics assignment service providers, we offer lower prices. But, there is no compromise with the quality at all. The assignments are checked for plagiarism and grammatical errors before submission.

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