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What Is Soil Formation?

Soil formation is a method where interaction happens between topography, parent material, organisms, and climate to form soil. When soil formation takes place by the disintegration of rock through biological agents and climate changes, it is considered the formation of soil. Living organisms found underground such as leeches, insects, and microorganisms help the soil to become ready for plantation.

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The methods that cause soil formation belong to the geological cycle including denudation, weathering, transportation, erosion, upheaval, and deposition. The process of soil formation is similar to sedimentary rocks formation. Erosion and weathering break down huge rocks into small particles resulting in soil formation. Soil formation is a constant process, which might need thousands of years. You can also take the Fossil Fuel Formation Assignment Help from the expert writers of BookMyEssay.

What Are the Factors That Affect Soil Formation?

Soil formation happens slowly but constantly from the breakdown of rocks via weathering. It can be a biological, chemical, or physical process. The factors are highlighted in our Soil Formation Assignment Help in Australia:

  • Physical Weathering: It is the breakdown of rocks due to mechanical action, Abrasion, temperature changes, and frost can lead to the break down of rocks.
  • Biological Weathering: It is the breakdown of rocks by living organisms. Burrowing animals can help air and water get into rock. Plant roots might grow into cracks of the rock thus making it split.
  • Chemical Weathering: It is the breakdown of rocks through chemical changes. It happens when animals inside rocks react with air, water, and other chemicals.

Material accumulation through the actions of wind, water, and gravity leads to soil formation. The processes are slow and take thousands of years. The important factors affecting soil formation are stated below:

  • Living organisms
  • Parent material
  • Climate
  • Time
  • Topography

Different Stages of Soil Formation

Soil formation takes place by decomposition and disintegration of vegetables, rocks, and animal fossils. Converting parent materials into the soil is called soil formation. Weathering or decomposition of parent materials occurs through three kinds of agents and the processes are stated in our Soil Formation Homework Help Online:

  1. Mechanical or Physical Weathering: The principles of physical or mechanical weathering are heat and cold, glaciers, freezing, wind, and water. The rule of contraction and expansion happens due to cold and heat. Rocks get reduced to soil and are common in dry regions.
  2. Chemical Weathering: Chemical weathering includes two steps including forming secondary products and the disappearance of specific materials. It is a complex method. Here the minerals in parent rocks get decomposed and due to this, new substances are formed. Chemical weathering happens through agents like water, hydrolysis, hydration, reduction, oxidation, and carbonation.
  3. Biological Weathering: Animals and plants are responsible for this weathering. Both plants and animals are hugely responsible for reducing particles of rock minerals into the soil where crop plants grow. 

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