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The students often find sociology assignments difficult due to one of the many reasons. Sometimes, the topic is not of their choice, whereas in other cases the students lack research skills. Some students fail to deliver the assignment due to lack of writing skills. To help students manage these issues, BookMyEssay offers Sociology assignment help at reasonable prices.

Major Sociological Theories

There are numerous theories that form the basis of sociology. Some theories have been accepted globally, while others have remained unaccepted by the majority. Every theory has contributed significantly to help examine relationships, society, and social behavior. The online assignment writing experts from BookMyEssay are well-versed with all these theories.

Here we discuss major theories from this subject.

  1. Symbolic interaction theory: The focus of this theory is symbolic meaning developed by the people. These individuals also depend upon this symbolic meaning during social interaction.
  2. Functionalist theory: Also known as functionalism, this theory analyzes society’s every part to understand how these parts make contribution in the stability of the society. The theory mainly focuses on social structure’s macro level.
  3. Feminist theory: It is a contemporary theory that examines the status of women in society with an aim to improve the lives of women. The focus remains on reflecting how the women given contribution to the society. The theory is also concerned on giving a voice to the women.
  4. Labeling theory: This theory is utilized to understand criminal and deviant behavior. The foundation of this theory lies in the assumption that no action is naturally criminal. The crime is usually defined by the law-making bodies and interpreted by courts, police, and correctional institutions.
  5. Rational choice theory: It basically describes a type of thinking where the motivation behind every action is money or chances of making profit. It also includes calculation of possible costs and advantages of an action. It is commonly referred to as utilitarianism.
  6. Game theory: This theory tries to understand the interaction the individuals have with one another. The theory considers the interaction among the humans as a game, which is why the name ‘Game Theory.’
  7. Sociobiology: In this concept, the evolutionary theory is applied to social behavior. It relies on the premise that few behaviors are partly inherited and natural selection can have impact on these behaviors.
  8. Chaos theory: Normally, the chaos theory is associated with mathematics. But, this theory has applications in sociology, too. In this field, it involves examination of complex nonlinear systems related to social complexity. It is more about complicated systems of order rather than disorder.
  9. Disengagement theory: As per this theory, as the individuals’ age, they gradually start to disengage from social life. This theory has been widely criticized.
  10. Social phenomenology: This branch tries to reflect the role of human awareness in production of social worlds, social situations, and social action. The phenomenology mainly believes that society is mainly constructed by humans.
  11. Conflict theory: This concept revolves around the struggle among different segments of society for important resources. Capitalism is a major concept associated with this theory.
  12. Network theory: The behaviors and norms are viewed as embedded entities in chains of social relations. The works of sociologist Harrison White have major influences in this theory.
  13. Social learning theory: This theory discusses how socialization impacts the development of self. It mainly focuses on the individual learning process and the role society plays in socializing individuals. The sociologists take the support of this theory to discuss and explain crime and deviance.

There are numerous other classical and contemporary theories that are of vital importance in sociology. While studying sociology, you might have to solve assignment based on these theories. You can trust sociology assignment help by BookMyEssay for all these essential theories.

Career in Sociology

This career path is selected by those who want to study about the interaction among the individuals. The individuals studying sociology use critical thinking to analyze social issues and social phenomena. If we talk about the jobs you can get after this degree, you can work as an advice worker, family support worker, community development worker, social researcher, social worker, and youth worker.

Your sociology job also becomes useful as a charity fundraiser, public relations officer, human resources officer, housing manager, detective, probation officer, user experience analyst.

Talking about the domain-wise opportunities, you can get jobs in different business houses like real estate, consumer research, public relations, insurance, and entrepreneurship. In community services, you can get jobs in childcare, urban planning, non-profit agencies, environment groups, and community development. In health services sector, the jobs are related to hospital admissions, insurance providers, family planning, and substance abuse education.

There are also multiple jobs from legal sector like judicial affairs, paralegal, investigations, law enforcement, criminal justice, probation & parole administration, and law enforcement. In professional services, the jobs are related to professional writing, editing, research, and journalism.

Whatever field you are interested in, we are here to support you during your academics through sociology assignment help.

Research Areas in Sociology

For those who are interested in research from sociology, there are various areas where deep investigations are needed. Some areas where research can be done include power & knowledge, social inequality, gender & sexuality, globalization, and political economy & environment. If you are writing dissertation on one of these topics, you can get the sociology assignment writing help from our dissertation experts.

Features of Assignment Support by BookMyEssay

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