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Social science is not just the collection of facts and information that you are supposed to learn. It is a scientific study involving social relationships and human society. The subjects and topics from this course often require you to submit the assignments. The students often feel that assignments from these topics are complex and time-taking. These students can trust us with Social sciences assignment help at affordable prices. Social Sciences is quite vast and comprises of various subjects. Let’s discuss the features and components of each of these subjects in detail.


It is study of the past events and their relation with the humans. It also includes the study of personalities that are of historical significance. As it is a broad term, it also comprises of memories, places, wars, myths, etc. While studying history, there are numerous sub-fields a student comes across:

  1. History of religion: It is written record related to religious experiences and ideas by a group of individuals. The subject includes religions from different regions of the world.
  2. Cultural history: The approaches of history and anthropology are combined to analyze cultural traditions, language, and cultural interpretations related to a historical experience.
  3. World History: Major civilizations that were active in the last 3000 years are usually studied in the world history. It is more of a teaching field than a research field.
  4. Political history: It involves political changes, uprising, and notable popular figures. You might also study diplomatic history in this, which involves study of diplomacy, causes of wars, and relationships between nations.
  5. Economic history: The study of history of business organizations, government regulations, business methods, and their impact on society are studied in it.

The type of sub-field you have to study depends on which course you study and which institution you select. Our history experts are well-versed in every domain of history. If you are writing a dissertation on some complex topic, then also you can get our social sciences assignment help.

Political Science

If you want our help on political sciences, you can trust us with its major sub-disciplines. It mainly deals with practices and theories related to political activities, types of governance, political behavior, and impact of these factors on individuals. Its sub-divisions include:

  1. Political philosophy: Also known as political theory, this discipline involves study of justice, liberty, politics, and enforcement of a legal code. Lots of philosophy students also study it during their course.
  2. Comparative politics: Different forms governments are studied in this discipline. The common forms include democracy, communist, socialist, capitalists, etc.
  3. International relations: It is a vast discipline involving relations between political entities, such as empires, sovereign states, inter-governmental organizations, and international nongovernmental organizations.
  4. Public administration: The study of the government policies and their implementation is part of this discipline. It also involves study of behavior of officials and organization of programs and government policies.
  5. Public law: It deals with relationships between government and individuals. The public law includes criminal law, tax law, administrative law, and constitutional law.

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Multiple aspects of humans within present and past societies are studied in anthropology. It constitutes:

  • Linguistic anthropology – It is the study of impact of language of social life.
  • Biological anthropology – In this field, the biological development of humans is studied.
  • Social anthropology – Values of societies and its norms are studied in it.

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It is another important subject from social sciences. The students usually find philosophy difficult because the topics discussed in the philosophical studies are usually not associated with direct and practical experiences. A student is expected to have patience to have a deeper understanding of some abstract topics from philosophy.

There are multiple categories of philosophy that a student might encounter, including metaphysics, value theory, and epistemology. The students might also have to study different philosophical schools, such as analytical philosophy, Asian philosophy, Continental philosophy, and African philosophy.


This involves scientific study related to society, which also includes patterns of culture, social relationships, and social interaction. Different methods of critical analysis and empirical investigations are involved in this study. The classical theories like symbolic interactionism, functionalism, conflict theory, and utilitarianism are major concepts from sociology. You might also have to study central theoretical problems, such as structure & agency, subjectivity & objectivity, and synchrony and diachrony. These are, definitely, difficult when you to have to write assignment. But, our assignment writers are well-versed in all these sociology topics.

If we talk about general topics, you have to write assignments on dietary habits, marriage customs, religious customs, and recreational habits, to name a few.

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