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The second law of thermodynamics is important for forming the concept of entropy in the form of a physical property of a thermodynamic system. The job of the entropy is to predict the direction of some spontaneous processes.

It also determines whether or not they are impossible or irreversible despite following the needs of energy conservation and it is formed in the 1st law of thermodynamics.

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What Is Meant By the Laws of Thermodynamics?

The laws of thermodynamics portray the relationships that exist between heat or thermal energy besides various other forms of energy. They also describe the manner in which energy does affect matter. 

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According to the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, energy cannot be destroyed or created and the total amount of energy that is present in the universe continues to remain the same.

In the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, people learn about energy quality. This states that as energy gets transformed or transferred, it gets wasted. According to the second law, there is a tendency of an isolated system to become degenerated into a highly disordered state.

The Formulation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics

The Second Law of Thermodynamics might be formulated by observing that the isolated systems’ entropy that is left to unprompted evolution does not decrease because they always reach a condition of thermodynamic equilibrium and here, the entropy becomes the highest. When all the processes present in the system happen to be reversible then the entropy remains constant. And an augmentation in entropy does account for the invariability of natural processes and it is known as the arrow of time.

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The Contribution of Energy and Work

The one major thing that the Second Law of Thermodynamics explains is it is not possible to create mechanical energy from heat energy with 100% efficiency. When the method of heating gas increases its pressure for driving a piston, there remains some heat in the gas and it can’t be utilized for any extra work.

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The heat that is wasted should be discarded by shifting it to some heat sink. When the matter comes to the car engine then this process is accomplished by exhausting the used up fuel as well as air combination to the atmosphere. Again, any device that has movable parts does create friction and it changes to heat from mechanical energy. Commonly, it remains unusable and so, it should be detached from the system.

When a cold and a hot body come in contact with one another then the hot body discharges heat energy and it reaches the cold body until it reaches thermal equilibrium. However, the heat does not move back. Again, the difference in the two bodies’ temperatures will never increase spontaneously. Moving heat to a hot body from a cold body needs work to be accomplished by some external energy source.

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