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Students in the discipline of physics, especially interested in rocketry or rocket science, will find this Rocket Engine assignment extremely informative and interesting at the same time.

Rocket Engine assignment help by the best Australian writers of BookMyEssay not only focuses on the different types of rocket engines but also highlights the minute details regarding the working mechanism of each rocket engine.

How Does Rocket Engine Work?

The force that moves a rocket through the air and space is known as thrust. The thrust is generated by the propulsion system of the rocket engine through the application of the third law of Newton – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In the system of propulsion, the engine of the rocket does work on a gas or liquid known as a working liquid.

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The engine of the rocket accelerates the working liquid through the propulsion system. The reaction of the working liquid running through the propulsion system produces the thrust force on the engine. The working liquid is expelled from the engine in one direction and the force of thrust is applied to the engine in the opposite direction.

Rocket Engine assignment help online by BookMyEssay explains that force is a vector quantity. It means force has magnitude and direction. The direction of the force of thrust is generally along the longitudinal axis of the rocket through the center of gravity of the rocket. But in some rockets, the nozzle of the exhaust and the direction of the thrust can be rotated. The rocket can then be controlled by using the torque. The magnitude of the force of thrust can be calculated by using the general equation of thrust. The magnitude of the thrust depends on few things which include –

  • The mass and the rate of flow of the working liquid through the engine.
  • The velocity of exit and the pressure of the working liquid.

The efficiency of the propulsion system can be determined by the specific ratio. The specific ratio is the amount of thrust produced to the weight flow of the propellants.

What are the Various Forms of Rocket Engines?

Rocket Engine assignment help and online writing service provided by BookMYEssay discusses in great detail the numerous ways the acceleration is produced and the various available working liquids. All rocket engines produce thrust by accelerating the working liquid.

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The simplest rocket engine uses air as the working liquid. A pump is used to accelerate the air through the propellers. This type of rocket engine is commonly used in toy balloons or stomp rockets. The high pressure and the temperature of combustion are utilized to accelerate the exhaust gases through the nozzle of the rocket to produce the necessary thrust. A bottle rocket, on the contrary, uses water as the working liquid and pressurized air to accelerate the working liquid. As water is heavier than air, the bottle rockets usually generate more thrust than stomp rockets.

The full-scale rockets use chemical engines and use the combustion of propellants to produce the exhaust gases as the working liquid. The design of the nozzle determines the mass flow rate, exhaust velocity and exit pressure. Generally, chemical-based rocket engines do not depend on the surrounding atmosphere for oxygen. Hence, chemical rocket engines are widely used in space where there is no atmosphere present.

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