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The science of reproduction in biology is a branch of biology, which deals with the functions of animals including the chemical and physical processes regarding those functions. 

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What is Animal Physiology?

Animal physiology can be defined as a study of life-supporting functions, properties, and functions of animals and their parts. This scientific study focuses on the way organ systems, organisms, cells, organs, biomolecules, and cells perform the physical or chemical function, prevalent in living systems.

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Proper studying of reproduction and animal physiology is important to understand and evaluate behavioural state, biological processes, and animal responses to various social, biological, and environmental stimuli.

Reproduction in animals is a method to produce animals of the same kind. Many organisms reproduce through mating, which enhances the genetic variability of an organism. Male and female animals contain separate reproductive organs called gonads. The gonads produce gametes, which fuses together and form a cell known as a zygote. Some animals like snails, earthworms are hermaphrodites. They have male also as well as female reproductive organs.

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What are the Modes of Reproduction in Animals?

There are two kinds of reproduction in animals that are discussed in our Reproduction in Animals assignment help in Australia. They are sexual and asexual reproduction.

Sexual reproduction is the method wherein male and female gametes combine and form a new organism. A zygote is formed during fertilization. Internal fertilization occurs inside the female body. Examples are cows, humans, dogs, etc. It is common mostly in terrestrial animals. Some aquatic animals adopt this method. It might happen if the sperms of makes are introduced in a female reproductive system or a male introduces the sperms in an environment chosen by females.

The fertilization happening outside females is known as external fertilization. A zygote repeatedly divides and form cells. It is called embryo development. The cells differentiate into organs and tissues. An embryo is implanted in the uterine through a process called implantation. If the body parts of an embryo become visible, this is known as a foetus. In humans, a child develops after nine months.

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Asexual Reproduction

Apart from sexual reproduction, another kind of reproduction is noticed in animals called asexual reproduction. It is observed mainly in unicellular microbes and lower organisms. Here a new organism is formed by a single parent without involving gamete formation. This happens in unicellular organisms. The division happens rapidly.

There are two kinds of asexual reproduction explained in our help for assignment on Reproduction in Animals.

  1. Binary Fission: It happens in the amoeba. A parent cell goes through mitosis and the nucleus divides. Prokaryotes reproduce through binary fission.
  2. Budding: An offspring grows from the parent’s body. This kind of reproduction happens in Hydras.
  3. Regeneration: When a part such as an arm detaches itself from a parent body, a new individual is formed. It is called regeneration.
  4. Fragmentation: Fragmentation happens through accidental damage or as a natural kind of reproduction.
  5. Parthenogenesis: It is a kind of asexual reproduction and here an egg develops minus fertilization It happens in wasps, bees, ants, etc.

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