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Quaternary science is the research that illustrates the systematic study of the Quaternary period, commonly perceived as the ice age. The Quaternary period initiated around 2.6 million years ago until today.

There are two major periods of the Quaternary period – The Pleistocene era and the Holocene era. If any student is appointed to do an assignment on the Quaternary period, it will be a smart judgment by the student to seek wrutubg service from the best accessible academic writer and best assignment helper in the market, BookMyEssay, in the form of Quaternary Science assignment help.

What is the Quaternary Period?

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The Quaternary period is a subdivision of geological time that wraps the last 2.6 million years up to the present day. The Quaternary period and the Tertiary period jointly construct the Cenozoic era.

Furthermore, the Quaternary period can be halved into two epochs – the Pleistocene (up to 11,700 years ago) and the Holocene (about 11,700 years ago to the modern-day). The Quaternary period has encountered one of the most incredible alterations in the global environment. During this period, the evolution of homo sapiens took place.

Meaning of Holocene Epoch

The Holocene Epoch is the most modern duration of geological time. The warmer environment and the disappearance of continental glaciers denoted the shift between the Pleistocene and Holocene. The cessation of enormous animals, also known as megafaunas, such as mastodons, mammoths, giant ground sloths, short-faced bears, sabre-tooth tigers and many more also marked the end of the Pleistocene and the outset of the Holocene. Because of the existence of enormous continents composed of glaciers, the Pleistocene had lengthier periods of duration.

What is Pleistocene Epoch?

The Pleistocene Epoch is also recognized as the “Ice age”. Scientists and geologists caption the advent of the Pleistocene when the climate started to cool down and sheets of ice commenced to cover the surface of the Earth. During this period, a vast quantity of amassed snow and continental glaciers declined the sea level severely. This lowering of the sea level excavated the marine surface giving birth to modern-day Bering Strait, in between Alaska and Siberia. This newly shaped land bridge allowed the animals to move from one continent to another.

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Significant events that happen in the Quaternary period

Quaternary Science homework help online by BookMyEssay showcases the significant events that took place during the Quaternary Period. One of the most crucial characteristics was the land ridges. This not only encouraged the migration of animals from one continent to another but also facilitated the evolution of the animals.

The climate of the Earth cooled down, covering the surface of the Earth under layers of snow. The land masses turned into continental glaciers. The sea level dipped severely giving birth to land bridges. By the end of the Pleistocene, the climate began to get warmer and by an unknown catastrophic event, two-third of the large fauna went extinct. The key factors behind this mass extinction are beloved to be climate change and over hunting.

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