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Polymers are millions of atoms bonded together and each atom is called a monomer. In simpler terms, a substance that is made up of many subunits of the same type which have bonded together to form a long continuous chain of the same substance is a polymer.

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Basics About Polymers

Polymers are formed by a chemical reaction called polymerization. There are two different types of polymerization, condensation reaction, and chain growth. The entire study revolves around natural and artificial/synthetic polymers and their uses. 

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  • Introduction to polymers: It deals with the basic concept of polymers. Structural composition of monomers, chemical bonding during polymerization, and ways of classification of polymers are a few areas of study.
  • Physical chemistry of polymers: This subject mainly deals with the physical properties of the long polymer chain and its structure and characteristics alongside studying the arrangement of molecules more vividly.
  • Analytic chemistry of polymers: It is the study of UV and infrared, optical properties, and Raman spectroscopy. Thermogravimetric, X-Ray diffraction, and differential thermal analysis are a few adjacent areas of study.
  • Chain polymerization: The topic deals with the nature and characteristics of chain polymerization, application of hydrocarbons and elastomers.
  • Condensation polymerization: Condensation polymerization deals with characteristics, application, and amalgamation of hyper-branched polymers and hetero-chained polymers.
  • Polymer processing: This sect deals with plastics, fibers, and solid polymers which display rubber-like elasticity.
  • Rheology and mechanical properties: Various characteristics of polymers are studied here, like the application of polymers in adhesive, packaging, surface coating, and colors.

Characteristics of Polymers

The majority of the polymers formed today are thermoplastics, which means they can be melted by applying heat and then reformed again. This great property aids in easy recycling. On the other hand, thermosets can’t be reformed. Every polymer has a distinct set of properties but shares some common attributes.

  • Polymers are chemical resistant– the packaging for some of our household cleaning fluids is made of polymers. They don’t react with the chemicals inside, unlike some solvents which dissolve the plastics when they come in contact. These provide a non-breakable package for tough solvents.
  • Polymers are thermal and electrical insulators – all the cords and electrical wiring at our homes are made with polymers. Thermal resistance in polymers is visible when the crockery handles are made of it.
  • Polymers have a vivid range of characteristics – polymers can be made to replace cotton, silk, wool, aluminum, marble, and even porcelain because they’re flexible to work with. They can be molded into almost everything ranging from intricate car parts to fluid paints and adhesives. Their biggest property is their lightweight and significant strength.

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Uses of Polymers

The flexible properties of polymers make them very easy to use. They can be shaped into almost everything ranging from paints to soft drink bottles. They are found in heavy amounts in almost every commodity of modern living like phones, computers, cords, panhandles, bottles, toys, food packaging, etc. They are also used to make PVC which can’t be derived from any other material. Scientists work every day to develop better uses for polymers and the efficient online assignment writers at BookMyEssay is well versed with the subject to provide Polymers assignment help to students in need.

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