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The study of plate tectonics defines the characteristics of the Earth's surface. Through this study, we can understand the Earth's unique geology. Our expertized online assignment writers of BookMyEssay provides you with the best support to complete your assignments very easily. 

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Plate Tectonics is a sub-division of geography science that describes the movement of the Earth's surface. The idea of plate tectonics evolves around the theory of continental drift.

The lithosphere, the outermost part of the Earth is broken into irregular landmasses is termed plate tectonics. The thesis of plate tectonic was derived in the 1960s. Students having geography, geology is given the task to write assignments about plate tectonic and their types.

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A Brief Discussion About Plate Tectonics

The earth's outer shell is distributed into huge pieces of solid rocks known as plates, that slide over the earth's mantle. The lithosphere is the earth's hard or rigid and outermost shell on planet earth, which contains various plates, which are moving and constantly changing the geography. By kowing about Plate Tectonics one can get a clear understanding of the Earth’s features like- change in climate, atmosphere, land, sea.

Doing assignments and knowing about plate tectonics is not very easy. Many students doing graduation or studying at the school level face issues in finishing this topic. Our best assignment helpers of BookMyEssay helps the student to overcome their fears and excel in their assignments. The professionals hired in our team are mastered with high degrees. Plate Tectonics case study help from BookMyEssay ensures the completion of the academic task with brilliant scores.

Different Types of Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics is categorized into three types:

Major Tectonic Plates: These are usually the plates with a surface area of more than 20 million kilometers. The Australian Plate, Indian plate, American plate, Indo-Australian plate, South American plate, Pacific plate, African plate, Antarctic plate, and the Eurasian plate are the seven largest tectonic plates in the world.

Minor Tectonic Plates: Minor tectonic plates are comparatively smaller in size than the major tectonic plates and consist of an area less than 20 million km but more than 1 million km. For example, Carolina plate, Burma plate, Philippine Sea plate, Cocos plate, Arabian plate, etc.

Micro Tectonic Plates: Micro tectonic plates are smaller than the major tectonic plates and minor tectonic plates and cover an area of fewer than 1 million km. For example, Apulian plate, Philippine belt plate, Explorer plate, Gorda plate, etc.

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Different Tectonic Boundaries

Tectonic Boundaries are three different types:

Divergent Boundary: A Divergent Plate Boundary is also known as Constructive Plate margins or accreting plate boundaries. This is a straight feature that lies between two tectonic plates which are moving apart from each other. It represents zones of divergence where there is constant upwelling of molten lava. This results in the continuous forming of a new oceanic crust.

Convergent Boundary: Convergent Plate Boundaries are also called Destructive margin or Consuming plate margin, where two plate gets face to face towards each other or converge along a line. This leads to the collision of plates.

Transform Plate Boundary: Transform Plate Boundary is also termed as Parallel or Conservative Plate margin, where two plates pass each other along transform faults. Earthquakes and other man-made disasters are often caused due to the sliding motion of the plate.

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