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Students of Zoology face assignments on various vertebrates. We at BookMyEssay offers all essential support to the students who struggle with their assignments when they are given various topics of vertebrates. 

There are more than 60,000 species of vertebrates such as birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and fishes. We are hired Biology and Zoology experts who can offer you a distinguished Phylum Vertebrata assignment help. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and they can provide you Biology assignment assistance on the most complicated topics. 

What is Phylum Vertebrata?

The vertebrates are the main subdivisions of the Phylum Chordata. They rank the highest. All the vertebrates fall under the Carniata or Phylum Vertebrate. Besides the chordate features, these vertebrates have several specialized features that differentiate them from non-chordates and invertebrate chordates. The most significant difference remain in the nerve cord position.

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The vertebrates have an internal skeleton and vertebral column, allowing a different muscle distribution that can be used for movement. The phylum vertebrates have notochord in the embryonic period. In adults, the notochord is replaced by a bony vertebral or cartilaginous column, Vertebrates apart from the chordate characters have kidneys, a heart with either two, three, or four chambers, and paired appendages that may be limbs or fins.

What are the Basic Features of Phylum Vertebrate?

The phylum vertebrate includes all craniates that range from mammals to agnathans. The vertebrates’ body for a living is built on the fundamental plan along with modifications for living in various conditions. The basic features are discussed in our Phylum Vertebrata homework writing help as follows:

Vertebral Column: The vertebrates have a vertebral column that forms the protecting and supporting axis of a body. The vertebral column offers muscle attachment regarding locomotion and provides rigidity to the soft body. In the aquatic forms thermoregulation, integumentary, and reception to the external stimuli are done by the internal skeleton, mainly the vertebral column.

Development: During the development phase, the mesodermal cells around the notochordal sheath form the skeletogenous layer. Some of the mesodermal cells migrate to the notochordal sheath. This wat the notochord is surrounded by mesodermal cells.

The Divisions of Phylum Vertebrata

There are three divisions of Phylum Vertebrate that are included in our Phylum Vertebrata assignment help in AUS:

  • Urochordata
  • Cephalaochordata
  • Vertebrata

The initial two phyla have little species. The major phylum is vertebrate, wherein you can find many reptiles, fishes, animals, and birds. The vertebrates have a backbone, which is made up of cartilage or bone. There is a nervous system, a circulatory system, a brain enclosed in a skull, and a skeletal system offering proper support and shape.

The Phylum Vertebrata has five classes and they are the following:

  • Pisces
  • Reptilia
  • Amphibia
  • Mammalia
  • Aves

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Phylum Chordata

It is the most significant phylum like all human beings, birds, and animals fall under this category. The most important character, which all animals that belong to the phylum are the availability of notochord. There are four features at various stages that are stated in our help for assignment on Phylum Vertebrata topics:

  • Notochord: It is a long rod, which is made of cartilage. It runs between the digestive tract and the nerve cord. The main function is supporting the nerve cord. The vertebral column in vertebrate animals replaces the notochord.
  • Post-anal tail: It is the extension of a body beyond an anus. The tail contains skelatal muscles, in some chordates that help in locomotion.
  • Dorsal nerve cord: It the nerve fibers that connect the brain to the muscles and other organs.
  • Pharyngeal slits: This filter-feeding organs found among deuterostomes

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