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Light energy is converted to chemical energy by the process of photosynthesis of various organisms through cellular respiration which is later used for running the organism's metabolic activities.

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Photosynthesis: The Discovery

Humans have known the overall photosynthetic equation since the 19th century, although not every step of the photosynthetic process is understood till today. Jan van Helmont is the scientist who began his quest for research on this topic in the mid-17th century.

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He quantified the mass of the plant while it was growing and the soil the plant has used during the period. After noticing that the mass of the soil had only faced minuscule changes, he deduced that the mass of the plant must have come from the water the only substance which he was added to the potted plant.

He was not fully correct in his hypothesis. Most of the mass that was gained had come from the carbon dioxide and water but this was pointing to the idea that the bulk of the plant’s weight came from photosynthesis and not the soil itself. These are the very seeds of wisdom used by subsequent people like Joseph Priestley, Jan Ingenhousz, Jean Senebier, and many others to establish the idea of photosynthesis and present the same as a valid theory.

Photsynthesis Equation

Light energy is converted to chemical energy by the process of photosynthesis of various organisms through cellular respiration which is later used for running the organism's metabolic activities. Carbohydrate molecules generally store chemical energy. These molecules include sugars which are synthesizable from carbon dioxide and water. Under most circumstances, oxygen molecules are released as a by-product. Maximum plants, algae, cyanobacteria perform the process of photosynthesis and photoautotrophs are referred to as these organisms.

The equation for photosynthesis is:

(In the presence of light as the catalyst)6CO2 + 6H20→C6H12O6 + 6O2

This process is very much responsible for the oxygen maintenance and balance of the atmosphere of the planet, which in turn sustains all the life on earth.

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Photosynthesis: The Process

The process of photosynthesis is generally performed by every species involved but it always kicks off when the energy processed by the light is consumed by the proteins called the reaction centers which are home to green pigments which are known as photosynthesis. Generally, in plants, the presence of the proteins is found in organelles which are known chloroplasts that are present in abundance in leaf cells, while in the case of bacteria the same are found in the plasma membrane.

During the reaction, the raw products of photosynthesis are converted to the energy currency of cells, which include nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

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