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Phasor is a highly vital mathematical concept that is used regularly for AC (Alternating Current) circuit analysis. This mathematical tool has made various calculations that are important for electrical engineering simple.

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What is Meant by Phasor Analysis?

Phasor analysis is considered a method for discovering steady-state response at a time when a system input tends to be a sinusoid. And so phasor analysis is also known as sinusoidal analysis. 

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It is a potent technique that is useful for finding the steady-state part of the entire response. However, phasor analysis doesn’t discover the transient response and it does not even discover the entire response.

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What is a Phasor in Engineering and Physics?

In engineering and physics, a phasor is considered a complex number that represents a sinusoidal function. Its amplitude, initial phase, and angular frequency happen to be time-invariant. This is connected to a wider concept known as analytical representation. Analytic representation decomposes sinusoids into the components of a factor and complex constant on frequency and time.

The complex constant is dependent on phase and amplitude and it is called complex amplitude or phasor and sinor and at times, complexor.

In What Ways Phasors are Useful?

A phasor is a vital visualization of the activities that continue to happen in an AC circuit. They are pretty useful to observe differences and sums of waves as people can make vector differences and sums out of a rotating phasor. They are also helpful when people think about phase shifts that happen between sinusoidal quantities.

Phasors are complex numbers present in polar forms and you can apply them to circuit analysis. At a time when people plot the phase shift and amplitude of sinusoids in complex planes then they end up forming a phasor or phase vector.

People can think of phasors as rotating vectors but unlike a vector that has direction and magnitude, phasors possess angular displacement and magnitude. And people measure angular displacement always in a counterclockwise direction beginning from the positive x-axis.

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Benefits of Phasor Analysis

Phasor analysis is considered a mathematical tool and it helps signify the study of RLC circuits. It has many benefits and some notable are:

  • Phasor analysis needs the utilization of trigonometry, linear algebra, and algebra, and there isn’t any requirement to solve differential equations.
  • You can use phasor analysis for circuits that have both capacitors and inductors besides resistors.
  • The main thing is phasor analysis is scalable and it permits circuits’ analysis with huge numbers of elements.

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