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Perdisco software consists of programs that let the students clear their concepts related to accounts. The topics also include business-related accounting. The students receive practice sets that are designed to help the students sharpen their accounting skills. In early days, the universities used to explain the concepts of statistics and accounting via blackboard for online homework. This method involved a lot of technical issues. Therefore, various business schools have started using Perdisco for teaching concepts related to these subjects.

Whenever a student attempts a question on Perdisco software, the stories and numbers are changed. This zeroes the scope of copying the answers from any source. The students also able to receive the feedback and explanation of topics after they have answered the questions. The Perdisco practice sets can be difficult for various students. These students can get Perdisco assignment help for the same.

Major Topics Covered in Perdisco

Here are the major subjects and their respective topics covered by Perdisco.


  1. Business Mathematics: The fundamental concepts from this subject include the time value of money, positioning of cash flows on a timeline, and concepts related to risk and return. The topics related to simple interest consist of future & present value at simple interest, calculation of the amount of simple interest, and promissory notes at simple interest. Nominal, effective, and equivalent rates are part of compound interest, whereas the value of deferred annuity and perpetuity come under annuities. You will also find topics related to application to corporate finance and personal finance.
  2. Mathematical techniques in finance: The advanced mathematical techniques that are part of modern finance are included in this topic. Some concepts in the workbooks include the force of interest, interest accumulation, adjusting for inflation, equation of value, etc. The students also come across topics related to loans, such as amortization of loan repayment, development of amortization schedule, and sinking-fund method related to loan payment. The valuation of bond part covers amortization of a bond, applications to callable and serial bonds, pricing of a bond between coupon dates and on the coupon date. You will find multiple topics from probability and random variables.
  3. Finance mathematics: The applications to corporate finance includes calculation of the holding period return from a bond trade and investment decisions by analyzing net present value. The calculations of costs of funds related to corporate debt is also part of this topic. Various topics from this area are similar to business mathematics.

For practice sets related to these topics of Mathematics, the students can get Perdisco assignment help from us.


  1. Collecting data: This is associated with collection and presentation of data. It includes time-series plots, scatter diagrams, contingency tables, presentation of categorical data and numerical data.
  2. Developing tools: This includes the measures of a population, measures of center, measures of variation, measures of linear relation, and data analysis. Conditional probability, introductory probability, and Bayes’ theorem are also part of this workbook.
  3. Analysis, inference and testing: Sampling distributions is a major topic consisting of survey credibility, sampling techniques, distribution of sample proportions, and distribution of sample means. It also involves concepts related to chi-square tests, comparing populations, and hypothesis testing.
  4. Modeling: The assumptions related to linear regression and the construction of the linear regression equation are parts of this workbook. The regression for qualitative data and tests associated with multiple regression can be found in this workbook.


The students might have to use MYOB accounting software package. A student finishes a one-month accounting cycle related to a fictitious business. This cycle includes posting, financial reporting, and journalizing with the use of MYOB accounting software. The students can use our Perdisco assignment help for this purpose.

The students can come across accounting-related topics such as:

Exploring the balance sheet – This includes accounting for petty cash and uncollectible receivables. The limitations and principles related to internal control procedures are also part of this concept. The goods and services tax, inventory valuation and estimation issues, and inventory costing methods such as:

  1. FIFO
  2. LIFO
  3. Specific Unit
  4. Weighted average

Transactions throughout the accounting cycle – It involves all major stages of accounting cycle, including the starting, adjustment of entries and accrual concepts, and completion of accounting cycle. The will find concepts like transaction analysis, preparation of financial statements, and adjustment and closing of entries.

Basics of financing – This involves concepts like standards in accounting, the importance of accounting in decision making, and multiple business structures, along with their suitability. You will also find topic on qualitative characteristics related to financial reports.

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The Perdisco Assignment Writing Help Offered by BookMyEssay

We have employed qualified Perdisco experts through a multi-stage screening process. These experts are well-versed in the topics that are associated with Perdisco software, such as accounting, statistics, mathematics. These writers are also aware of the features of this software.

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