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Networking plays a pivotal role in the electronics engineering and computer academics of a student. It is essential to understanding the computer system. However, students who are new to the field of computer studies find it difficult to cope with the new terminologies thereby reducing their academic performance.

Networking basically provides information on the prevailing wired and wireless communication system. This involves all the essential components used, the different kinds of topology and the essential concepts regarding the technical aspect of networking. To have a detailed understanding of this topic it is necessary to take Networking assignment help from the BookMyEssay experts.

What is Networking?

Networking is a group of networks associated with one another through virtual association or links for drawing correspondence with each other. Systems can be segregated into various assortments such as WAN (Wide Area Network), LAN (Local Area Network), STAR and BUS networks along with a few others depending on the requirement.

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Networking Protocol

Open System Interconnection (OSI) and Transmission Control Protocol – Internet Protocol (TCP-IP) are the commonly used models in computer networking. The OSI Protocol consists of seven layers which are as follows –

  • Physical Layers
  • Datalink Layer
  • Network Layer
  • Transport Layer
  • Session Layer
  • Presentation Layer
  • Application Layer

On the other hand, TCP – IP consists of a total of four layers which are segregated as follows –

  • Network Layer
  • Internet Layer
  • Transport Layer
  • Application Layer

Networking Topology

In networking topology indicates the manner in which multiple computer systems are connected. Some of the commonly used networking topology includes –

  • Daisy chain topology
  • Hybrid topology
  • Ring topology
  • Bus topology
  • Star topology
  • Mesh topology

Concepts Under Networking Assignment

Networking assignment help service provided by the experts of BookMyEssay covers various courses with each one having its own uniqueness. Sine networking relates to a diverse activity, it can be categorized based on the design, approach and geographical coverage. However, the basic lies in understanding fundamental structure of PC organizing. Some of the concepts used during networking essay assignment writing include –

  • Wide Area Network: This network type connects multiple PCs in the territory or region and provides rapid availability. This is mostly used for inter-departmental or inter-organizational communication.
  • Neighborhood: In this networking system there is a single primary server which is connected to the rest of the secondary servers. It is generally used for intra-departmental applicability and stays restricted to a demarcated area.
  • Individual Area Network: This is the tiniest among the available networking options and is usually restricted to 10 meters.

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Benefits of Proper Networking

The efficient application of networking offers several benefits to the user such as –

  • Transmission of information and data to multiple systems at a time.
  • Ensures faster transmission of information from one system to another.
  • Aids in the simultaneous use of scanner, email and printer.
  • Minimizes the cost of information and data transfer.

The transmission media commonly used in these networking channels include coaxial cable, optical fiber cable and twisted pair wire. For proper understanding of these varied technical concepts it is necessary to possess extensive knowledge in these topics. The professionals at BookMyEssay are competent and experienced enough to share their expert opinion and knowledge in this field. Taking Networking assignment help online from these professionals can prove to be effective in achieving high grades in academic curriculum.

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