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Motion in a Circle or Circulation Motion is a branch of Physics that supplies people with comprehensive info on the circular force that people experience in their real world.

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What is Called Circular Motion?

Circular motion is considered an object’s movement along a circle’s circumference. It also means rotation along a round path. Circular motion can be uniform with constant speed and angular rotational rate.

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Again, at times, it becomes non-uniform too that has an altering rotational rate. The rotation around the fixed axis of 3-dimensional bodies involves circular motion. The equations of motion help describe a body’s center of the mass movement.

What are the Instances of Circular Motion?

Some instances of circular motion comprise an artificial satellite that orbits the Earth at a continuous height, a stone that swings in circles when tied to a rope, the blades of a ceiling fan that rotates around a hub, a car that turns via a curve, a gear that turns inside a mechanism, and an electron moving vertically to an unchanging magnetic field.

As the velocity vector of the object is changing direction constantly, the moving object too undergoes acceleration in the direction of the rotation’s center. In the absence of this acceleration, an object does move to make a straight line.

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What is Meant by Uniform Circular Motion?

Uniform circular motion is described as an object’s motion in a circle at a relentless speed. As the object moves around, it does change its direction constantly. However, in every instance, the object has been moving a curve to the circle. As the velocity vector’s direction continues to remain the same as the object’s motion direction the animation provided at the right portrays this through a vector arrow.

The object that moves in a circle is considered accelerating and accelerating objects are recognized as objects that change their velocity and it can be the direction of the speed. The object that experiences uniform circular motion moves with a continuous speed. However, it becomes accelerating because the direction changes. The acceleration’s direction tends to be inwards and the animation which is provided at the right portrays this through a vector arrow.

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The characteristic of an object that undergoes uniform circular motion is considered the net force and this force acts upon an object that is steered towards the middle of the circle. This net force is also recognized as a centripetal or inward force.

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