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Covalent bonds are formed by sharing electrons equally from the participating atoms. The covalent bonds are also known as molecular bonds. This is a complex subject and students find it difficult to prepare assignments on this topic.

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What are Molecules and Covalent Bonds?

The elements that have very high ionisation energies cannot transfer electrons nad the elements that have low electrons affinity are not able to take up electrons. 

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The atoms of the elements share their electrons along with the atoms of some other elements or with the atoms of the same elements so that both the atoms can get octet configuration in the valence shell and achieve stability. This association to share electron pairs among the same or different kinds is called a covalent bond.

Covalent Bonds may be achieved in two different ways:

  • Electrons sharing between atoms of the same kind such as the formation of chlorine, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.
  • Electrons sharing between atoms of various kinds such as the formation of water.

What are the Properties of Covalent Bonds?

If the valence of atoms is not satisfied through the sharing of an electron pair between the atoms, atoms might share more than a single electron pair. Some of the properties are highlighted by our Molecules and Covalent Bonds assignment help providers:

  • Covalent bonding does not lead to forming new electrons. This bond pairs them only.
  • Covalent bonds hardly break spontaneously after their formation
  • They are powerful chemical bonds, which exist between the atoms.
  • These bonds contain the energy of almost 80 kilocalories in one molecule.
  • The compounds that have covalent bonds show low boiling points and melting points.
  • Covalent compounds are insoluble in water.
  • Compounds having covalent bonds have lower fusion and vapourization.
  • Compounds with covalent bonds do not conduct electricity because there are no free electrons.
  • These bonds are directional wherein the atoms, which are bonded show specific orientations.

The Kinds of Covalent Bonds

The covalent bonds are classified into the following:

  1. Single covalent bond
  2. Double Covalent Bond
  3. Triple Covalent Bond

In a single covalent bond, a single pair of an electron is shared between the participating atoms. This is represented by a dash. Though this covalent bond is weaker than a double bond and triple bond and a small density too, it is highly stable. For instance, HCL molecule. A single bond is there between hydrogen and chlorine with one electron.

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In a double bond, two pairs of electrons are shared between the participating atoms. This is shown by two dashes. These bonds are stronger than one bond but less stable. For example carbon dioxide molecule.

As stated in our writing help for homework on Molecules and Covalent Bonds, a triple bond can be formed if three pairs of electrons are shared between the participating atoms. These bonds are shown by three dashes and they are the least stable ones. For instance, in the nitrogen molecule, a triple bond gets formed between the nitrogen atoms.

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