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Mechanics of Solids is considered a branch of mathematics and physics that is related to the features of solid matter under an external action. This has become progressive by taking part in some notable inventions all through history, like ships, automobiles, buildings, petroleum refineries, railways, airplanes, engines, composite materials, nuclear reactors, medical implants, and computers.

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What is Meant by the Mechanics of Solids?

Mechanics of solids or solid mechanics is a popular branch of continuum mechanics and it studies the nature of solid materials, commonly their deformation and motion under temperature changes, the action of forces, various internal and external agents, and phase changes.

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Mechanics of solids is basic for aerospace, civil, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and for several branches of physics, like materials science, and geology. Solid mechanics has got particular applications in various areas, like understanding the structure of living beings, surgical implants, and the dental prostheses’ designs.

Solid mechanics utilizes tensors for describing strains, stresses, and the relationships that exist between them. It is a huge subject due to its huge range of available solid materials, like wood, steel, biological materials, concrete, plastics, geological materials, and textiles.

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The Models that Describe the Process in Which Solids Respond to Applied Stress

The models that best describe the method in which solids do respond to applied stress are:

  • Elastically – At a time when applied stress gets removed then the material comes back to its undeformed condition. The linearly elastic materials are those that deform to the applied load proportionally. It can be described by some linear elasticity equations, like Hooke’s law.
  • Plastically – A material that behaves elastically does so when applied stress is lesser in comparison to a yield value. At a time when the stress tends to be greater compared to the yield stress then the material does behave plastically. It doesn’t even come back to its earlier state. The deformation which happens after yield tends to be permanent.
  • Viscoelastically – Viscoelastically are materials that do behave elastically. They also have damping. When the stress gets applied and also removed then work needs to be accomplished against the damping effects. This is then transferred to heat in the material and it results in some hysteresis loop. This signifies that the response of material has got time-dependence.

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Features of Mechanics of Solids

  • Dynamics – Dynamics and Statics commonly derive from the theme of strength of materials. It comprises the study of few elementary but highly relevant deformable structures and materials, like pressure and beam vessels. The elasticity theory gets utilized where materials are assumed for undergoing little deformations at the time when loaded.
  • Statics – The mechanics of structures and materials remain at rest, for instance, of the cable-stayed bridges.

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