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The importance of the mean, median and mode can’t be denied at any point as they are considered measures of central tendency that happen in the distribution of a numerical value. 

Commonly, the mean is called the average whereas the median is considered the mid-point in the distribution of values and the mode happens to be the value which habitually happens in the distribution.

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What is Mean?

We calculate the mean by totaling each item present in a group. After this, we divide it by the sum of items present in the group. 

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For instance, when people attend a meeting comprising ten people and the sum of all attendees’ age is 420, then in this case, the attendees’ mean age is 420 which gets divided by 42 or 10. Commonly, the mean works as a common indicator for data. This works the best when there are many outliers. In this case, for example, there isn’t any way in which you can know whether a few members are 5, 90, or every member present is in the 40s only.

What Must You Know About Median?

The median is considered the value which is the center point of some group of values. They have got an equal number of components both below and above them. For example, when a room has 5 people who belong to the age group of 20, 22, 35, 42, and 85 then the median age would be 35 as two people are older than 35 and two younger than 35. People use median where strong outliers might tilt a group’s representation, like having incomes.

So, when you have got one person who does earn $1 billion per year and 9 other people whose earnings are lesser than $100,000 per year, then the people’s mean income in the group will be nearly $100 million and it is a gross distortion. And so, the median income will be below $100,000. Hiring BookMyEssay academic writers from BookMyEssay is solutions to all your problems such as: "can you make my assignment for me?". 

Getting Known to Mode

Most often, mode becomes useful to describe data though it can be vital in some situations too. When a room has fifty students and among them 30 happen to be seven years old and the remaining are either six or eight years old, then the mode of people’s ages will be seven.

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Choosing Mean, Median, or Mode

The measure of central tendency represents the common value or center point of a dataset and these measures specify where the majority of the values in the distribution fall. This is also known as the central point of distribution. Mean, median, and mode are considered the commonly three measures of central tendency. Every measure calculates the place of the central point utilizing a different process.

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