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Math Homework can be very difficult to write because this subject involves complications that students find to hard to deal with. Math is involved in our daily lives. Regardless of the course, you are pursuing, you have to depend a lot on mathematical theories.

For writing Math homework, you can contact BookMyEssay. We have expert mathematicians who can offer you the academic writing guidance while dealing with problems that involve theorems or equations. They are subject matter experts and have several years of experience and they are equipped for all types of math homework.

What are the Categories of Math?

Math is an infinite subject, which has different disciplines, categories, and sub-disciplines. The two categories of Math are discussed in our Math homework assignment help online as follows:

  • Pure Mathematics: This field of study studies the raw concepts and it is known as Pure Math. Pure Math is used in the fields of navigation, astronomy, physics, engineering, and others.
  • Applied Mathematics: Applied mathematics use mathematics concepts and applies them in daily lives. It is helpful in many areas such as engineering, computer science, businesses, and others.

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The disciplines of pure mathematics are the following:

  • Geometry: It studies the different figures of various dimensions, which includes axioms and fundamental qualities.
  • Algebra: It deals with the manipulation of mathematical symbols and numbers.
  • Number Theory: It studies the numbers including natural and whole numbers and the fundamental operations.

The sub-fields of Applied Mathematics are Computational Biology, Theoretical Computer Science, and combinations. We can provide you with the best Math homework writing help.

The Different Topics Covered by Math Homework

Math is a vast subject and the important topics covered in Math homework are given in our Math assignment help as follows:

  1. Geometry and Topology: These subjects deal with properties such as sizes, shapes, figures, and positions. Topology deals with the properties of objects by twisting, bending, crumbling, stretching, etc.
  2. Calculus: It is the study of constant changes. It has two branches mainly integral calculus and differential calculus.
  3. Trigonometry: It is the branch of Math that involve the angles and side lengths of a triangle.
  4. Algebra: It involves the analysis, theory, and geometry that make a topic in Math. It uses letters and symbols for representing quantities and numbers in equations and formulae.
  5. Trigonometry: It is the branch of mathematics that involves the relationship between angles and side lengths of a triangle.
  6. Number Theory: It involves the study of positive integers and it deals with the relationship and properties of numbers.
  7. Combinatorics: It is the study of Math that involve permutations, combinations, and enumeration. It relates to more than one function including their derivatives.
  8. Permutations and Combinations: It involves combining counting and arrangement of a group of data.
  9. Differential Equations: It defines the relationship between the two equations. This equation relates to one or more than one function including their derivatives.
  10. Game Theory: It is the study of various mathematical models of interaction among the balanced decision-makers.
  11. Probability and Statistics: These are two separate disciples as mentioned in our Math homework writing help service. They are, however, related in Math.
  12. Computation: It is a kind of calculation, which uses arithmetical and non-arithmetical steps and also follows a defined model.

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