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Maslow Motivation Theory was developed by a psychologist A.H.Maslow. This theory offers a framework for understanding the human needs and how a person can meet the needs at a greater level after his needs at the lower levels are met.

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What is Maslow Motivation Theory?

The theory was put forward by an American psychologist A.H. Maslow that highlighted on the Maslow’s hierarchy of desire. He recognized the factors that shall contribute to the constructive growth of happiness and mental fitness instead of focusing on mental illness.

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Maslow started a new movement in psychology, termed as ‘humanistic psychology. The theory helps to understand different levels in the economy and the way they are placed sequentially. It can help to analyze the economic development that can be achieved when the economy reaches greater levels of a pyramid structure.

This principle states that the lower-level requirements should be met before the greater-level needs. Once a need is met, it no longer remains a motivator as the person takes actions to satisfy the unmet needs. As the name of this theory indicates, the needs exist hierarchically.

Maslow Motivation Theory

The Maslow Motivation Theory states that human needs are divided into five categories and human beings are motivated for satisfying the needs sequentially. The pyramid structured is discussed in our Maslow Motivation Theory assignment help online as follows:

Physiological needs: It is known as basic needs and they are the needs of all human beings needed to sustain life. They are the basic requirements including water, air, nourishment, sleep, etc. If the basic needs are not met, the individuals shall be motivated to fulfil these needs. until the needs are satisfied, individuals shall not be motivated to fulfil the needs at higher levels.

Safety and security needs: Once a person satisfied his basic physiological needs, the person shall be motivated to meet his safety needs. It means ensuring that a person is secure and safe from all kinds of harm, whether it is emotional or physical. The examples are job security, safe accommodation, financial savings, and insurance against unforeseen happenings including health issues, accidents, etc. As per Maslow, until a person ensures that he is secure and safe from harm, he cannot give his attention to fulfil higher needs.

Belonging needs: Once a person satisfies his physiological and safety needs, he will be motivated to satisfy his belonging needs. They are social needs. The examples are needed to have friends, need for loved ones, need for belongings.

Esteem needs: Once a person feels that he has met all the above-mentioned needs, he begins to focus on fulfilling the esteem needs. Esteem is categorized as internal and external. Internal esteem needs are self-esteem needs. External esteem needs are the needs of a person to be appreciated, recognized, and respected by others.

Self-Actualization needs: As mentioned in our help for assignment on Maslow Motivation Theory, this need is at the peak. Self-actualization needs are the desires of an individual to realize his full potential.

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