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Marine Chemistry is a branch of Marine Science. It is interdisciplinary between Chemistry and oceanography. It studies the distribution, the chemical properties of substances along with chemical processes in all parts of an ocean.

Marine Chemistry is a huge subject, which studies the characteristics, properties, chemical, and physical change of matter. Students find themselves in problems because it involves tedious chemical reactions, which needs in-depth and specialized knowledge in chemistry.

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What is Marine Chemistry?

Marine Chemistry deals with the interactions and conditions between the organic and inorganic compounds together with the physical, biological, and geological sea conditions.

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This interdisciplinary scientific branch of study deals with the interactions between chemical systems and the atmosphere, marine organisms, sediments, rocks, and the changes caused due to ocean mixing methods. It includes inorganic and organic chemistry along with studying the terrestrial and atmospheric processes.

Additionally, marine chemistry, which occurs on various temporal and spatial scales are studied. It deals with the composition of seawater and thus it is a specialized field of water chemistry. It deals with the different aspects of geochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, environmental chemistry, and biosphere.

Why is Marine Chemistry Important?

The chemical properties of marine life are vital because the ocean environment offers support to life on earth. The marine life constitutes of the same chemicals, which comprise the ocean-salts and water. The importance is discussed in our Marine Chemistry assignment help free from plag as follows:

Water: Water is available in the marine environment as a solid, liquid, and gas state. The water molecules escape due to heat. If the heat is great, they move faster until this movement causes breaking of the hydrogen bonds thus converting liquid to gas. Then water changes into a vapour. Cold reduces the movement of water and their density enhances. When water becomes sold, the bonds of hydrogen override the movement of molecules and then water crystallizes forming a solid-state, called ice. Ice is less dense compared to water as it expands when it freezes.

Salts: They are common chemicals that are dissolved in ocean water. The salts are made up of ions, electronically charged particles. Thes ions are other negatively or positively charged. Unlike the weak charges of oxygen and hydrogen atoms, which constitute the water, an opposite charge of a salt ion can form strong bonds, which create crystals. If water is added, the charges of oxygen and hydrogen atoms are attracted to the charges of water clusters and salt ions until the bonds become weak and the dissolve of crystals takes place.

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Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification happens because of climatic changes that impair the ability of shelled organisms and coral reefs to form shells and skeletons. Ocean acidification is explained in our help for assignment on Marine Chemistry. Acidification happens if the oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Oceans have dissolved inorganic carbon in three variations-bicarbonate, carbonate, and carbon dioxide. When more carbon dioxide dissolved in the ocean, it changes the proportion of all three thus making the water highly acidic. It minimizes the concentration of ions of carbonate by 10% in comparison to pre-industrial levels.

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