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Management is the most important and one of the most popular branches in the present-day scenario. While writing the management assignments, the students face difficulties due to lack of resources on the internet. Other issues include lack of assignment writing skills and dearth of practical knowledge. BookMyEssay helps curb these challenges through its management assignment help.

Career in Management

The opportunities from this field are in abundance. With your management degree, you can work as a business adviser, data analyst, forensic accountant, project manager, risk manager, social media manager, actuarial analyst, and business analyst.

With your management degree, you can also become a human resources officer, retail manager, sales executive, logistics & distribution manager, or a marketing executive.

With experience and knowledge, you can reach up to a level of C-Suite in the companies, which includes CEO, CMO, CTO, etc. But, it all begins with good grades and expertise in your field. And good grades are attained with the help of management assignments. And we are always there to offer management assignment support to the students who desire good jobs in the future.

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Major Disciplines of Management

The professional degree in management ensures the individuals attain skills needed to run an enterprise or business. The core disciplines of management include:

  1. Finance Management: It is the discipline of management that involves effective handling of funds to ensure the objectives of an organization are accomplished. The major objectives of finance management include maximization of profit, wealth maximization, proper maintenance of cash flow, and minimization of capital cost. The assignments from this section usually include strategic planning, cost control, preparation of financial statements, and audit.
  2. Marketing Management: The focus in this form of management is to make the product/service visible to the market to maximize the sales. The aim is also to create a positive brand image among the customers. The assignments from marketing management revolve around four PS of marketing, which include product, price, place, and promotion.
  3. Human Resource Management: This area involves managing the personnel from an organization. The aim of HR team is to maximize the productivity of the employees and take care of the conflicts that may arise at a workplace. The assignments revolve around different roles of an HR professional, such as recruitment, training & development, interpersonal management, and appraisals.
  4. Operations Management: This discipline involves practices that are aimed at creating maximum level of efficiency in an organization. In simple words, this type of management is responsible to convert labor and materials into services and goods in an efficient manner.

Some sub-disciplines of management include strategy, accounting, organizational behavior, and information systems. We have specialized assignment writers for each of these disciplines of management. You can trust us with management assignment help for every possible topic from these disciplines.

Levels of Managers in Organizations

In huge organizations, there are typically three levels of managers. These include:

  • Senior Managers: These managers decide on how the organization will operate. They also set the objectives of organizations. These include C-Suite, president of an organization, or board of directors.
  • Middle Managers: The role of middle managers is to give directions to front-line managers. The strategic goals prepared by senior managers are communicated to front-line managers by middle managers. These managers include regional managers, section managers, and branch managers.
  • Lower Managers: They keep a check on the working of regular employees. They also direct on the work of these employees. The examples include front-line team leaders and supervisors.

To get a high-paying job in a reputable organization, the students have to score more in their college/university. And they can take our management assignment writing help to get ideal score.

14 Principles of Management

The 14 principles of management as discussed by Henri Fayol in the book "General and Industrial Management" include:

  1. Division of Work: The work can be divided among personnel on the basis of their skills. The huge tasks are broken down into smaller tasks.
  2. Authority and Responsibility: The supervisor has a right order his/her subordinates with the aim to enhance the productivity.
  3. Discipline: Acceptable behavior, obedience, and respect of authority are all elements of discipline.
  4. Unity of Command: Every subordinate must receive orders only from a single superior. When an employee starts receiving orders from multiple superiors, the situations of conflict arise.
  5. Unity of Direction: The similar activities must be grouped and should be handled by a single manager.
  6. Subordination of Individual Interest to Mutual Interest: The management should give priority to company's objectives and must put the personal considerations aside.
  7. Remuneration: Workers must receive reasonable remuneration, as it largely impacts productivity.
  8. The Degree of Centralization: The power with the central management is proportional to the size of the company.
  9. Line of Authority: As per this principle, there should be clear hierarchy from top to bottom with linking of all managers at each level.
  10.  Order: Each order should be under the company's rules and must be acceptable.
  11.  Equity: The employees should be treated kindly. When dealing with employees, the managers should be impartial and fair.
  12.  Stability of Tenure of Personnel: The entry and exit of personnel from an organization should be minimum for the smooth working of the organization.
  13.  Initiative: The organizations can use the initiative of employees to increase the strength and new ideas.
  14.  Esprit De Corps: Team spirit should be developed by managers to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

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