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Your pancreas creates an enzyme known as lipase. When a person eats, lipase gets discharged into his digestive tract. Lipase is helpful to the intestines for breaking down the fats present in the food that people eat.

Some levels of lipase are important for maintaining normal digestive as well as the functioning of the cells but abnormally higher levels of the enzyme present in the blood can show a health problem.

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What are Lipases?

Lipases are considered versatile biocatalysts which can perform various reactions. Their chemo-, stereo- and enantio-selective behavior turn them into a vital tool in the sphere of organic synthesis.

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Lipases are different from other hydrolases that do jobs in aqueous phases as they are exclusive because they work as the water or oil interface. Lipases besides lipolytic also own osteolytic activities. And so, they possess a huge substrate range. Due to this reason, lipase assay protocols do hold a remarkable place in the sphere of lipase research.

The activities of lipase can be assumed by utilizing a huge variety of assay protocols. They differ from one another regarding their substrate selectivity, fundamental principle, applicability, and sensitivity. Because the value of these enzymes does continue to expand and novice markets are being exploited, the formation of augmented or fresh enzymes would be a vital component in the developing realm of biotechnology.

However, the formations of simpler and faster protocols that incorporate more specific and newer substrates tend to be of higher requirement. In this method, processes which could be accepted for molecular screening do hold a vital position. In this context, the protocols of lipase assay get presented with a stress on the assays which can be accepted for the molecular broadcasting of these biocatalysts.

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Where Would You Find Lipases?

Lipases are found in nature as it is being created by animals, micro-organisms, and plants. In the previous few years, the micro-organism creation of lipases is getting studied for commercial use and it results in the study of bacterial lipases. The breakdown of lipase enzymes and mobilize lipids that are available in the cells of an organism besides the breakdown of lipid too is available in the environment. Nonetheless, still many questions need to be answered.

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Factors that Affect Lipases

  • Temperature – The temperature at which the production of lipase happens is dependent on the optimum temperature for the growth of bacteria. Commonly, the temperature does range from 30 to 60o However, some can also survive at a warmer or colder temperature.
  • Nutritional – Enzymes get created when the bacteria remain present in some lipid environmental conditions, like hydrolysable esters, tweens, oil, and triacylglycerols. They are the chief sources of lipids though bacteria are also capable of creating lipases in different sources of substrates.

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