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JavaScript ES6 offers new features and new syntax to make the code more readable and more modern. It enables you to do more and write less code. JS EES6 brings many great features such as template strings, arrow functions, modules, class destruction, and others.

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What is JavaScript ES6?

JavaScript ES6 is version 6 of ECMA Script programming language. It is the standard name for JavaScript and version 6 is the version after 5 that was released in 2011. It is a major improvement to the JavaScript language. It adds a lot more features that can make huge-scale software development much easier.

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ES6 or ECMAScript was published in 2015. It was renamed subsequently ECMAScript 2015. The web browser support for the complete language is not complete but the major parts are supported. The major web browsers offer support to the features of ES6. You can use the software called transpiler for converting ES6 into RS5 that is supported better on many browsers.

What are the Features of JavaScript ES6?

Javascript ES6 has brought major changes to the JavaScript language. It has introduced many new features including block-scoped variables, template literals, new loop to iterate over arrays, and other improvements for making JavaScropt programming more fun and easier. Some of the features are discussed in our JavaScript ES6 assignment help in Australia as follows:

  1. The Let Keyword: Javascript ES6 has introduced the let keyword to declare variables. Before ES6, the only method for declaring a variable in Javascript was var.
  2. The Const Keyword: The const keyword can help to define constants. The constants are read-only. You cannot give new values to them.
  3. The for of Look: The for .... of loop enables you to iterate over iterable objects or arrays quite easily. The code in the loop can execute for every element of an iterable object.
  4. Template Literals: They provide a clean and easy way to make multi-line strings and do string interpolation. You can embed expressions or variables into a string without any hassle. They are built using back-tick rather than single or double-quotes. Expressions or variables may be placed inside the string with ${...} syntax.
  5. Arrow Functions: Arrow functions are an interesting feature. It offers a concise syntax to write function expressions by opting the return and function keywords. There is a crucial difference between arrow functions and regular functions. Unlike normal functions, arrow functions do not have their own this. They tell this from the external function.

The Benefits of JavaScript ES6

The benefits are highlighted in our help for assignment on JavaScript ES6 topic:

  • Let keyword enables you to declare variables, which are restricted in scope.
  • It provides a clearer and simpler syntax for creating objects.
  • You can define class members including constructors or methods.
  • ES6 offers an advanced module exporting/importing pattern compared to the extensively used Common JS patterns. You can import/export many named values.
  • The Promise represents the completion of the asynchronous operation and the resulting value.

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