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Javanese is the member of the Austronesian language. The close relatives are Sunda, Malay, Bali, and Madura. It is the 14th most widely spoken language worldwide and the second most spoken Austronesian language.

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About Javanese

Javanese is the largest ethnic group in Indonesia located on Java island. The population Of Javanese is 85 million. This language belongs to the family of Austronesian. The closest relatives of Javanese are the neighbouring languages including Madurese, Sundanese, and Balinese. Most Javanese speakers speak Indonesian.

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There are Javanese speakers in Malaysia and Singapore. Javanese is spoken by the immigrant communities of Javanese in Suriname, New Caledonia, and Sri Lanka. Javanese is the 10th largest language spoken by native speakers and the largest language without any official status. It is understood or spoken by almost 100 million people. 45% of the Indonesian population belong to Javanese descent stay in places wherein Javanese is the dominant language. Javanese has an in-depth influence on the development of the Indonesian language.


The Javanese language is spoken in East and Central Java, Yogyakarta and the north coast of Banten and West Java. The language is spoken elsewhere by Javanese people in other places of Indonesia including Jambi, Lampung, and North Sumatra provinces. Javanese in Suriname is spoken among the plantation migrants. In Bali, Madura, Sunda region, and Lombok, Havanese is used as a literary language.

Javanese is written with the Javanese script, Latin script, and Arabic script. Presently, The Latin script dominates all writings though Javanese script is taught as a compulsory Javanese language in elementary and school levels in East and Central Java and Yogyakarta.

There are three dialects of the modern Javanese language: Eastern Javanese, Central Javanese, and Western Javanese. The three dialects are mutually intelligible more or less. This is discussed in our help for assignment with Javanese.


Most of the Javanese population are Muslim. Only a part of the population follows the five pillars of Islam and the other practices of Middle astern Islam. They are known as santri and they are divided further into two subparts. The conservatives practice orthodox Islam and this is practised by Javanese for centuries. The modernists reject the local traditions and they embrace a kind of Islam that is supported by Western educational institutions.

Non-santri Muslims are termed Islam kejawen or abangan. They do not do the five prayers daily, go to pilgrimage to Messa, or fast during Ramadan. 12% of the Java population adhere to religions besides Islam. There are thousands of Christians.

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Major Holidays

The first day of the Islamic year is considered as a special day. People stay up the whole night. They watch processions including kirab pusaka in the Solo town. Many people meditate on beaches or mountains. Muhammad’s birthday is celebrated in Solo and Yogya by holding Sekaten fair. On the holiday, there is a procession that involves two or more than two rice mountains that symbolize male, female, and baby. Our Javanese assignment help providers have explained this in detail.

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