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When an atom or a molecule is charged then it is called an ion. The reason for which ions tend to be charged is due to losing or gaining one or more than one electron. The process of ionic bonding involves the electrostatic attraction that happens between a couple of atoms with different electronegativities.

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What are Known as Ions?

An ion is recognized as a charged atom or a charged molecule. This is charged as the numbers of electrons don’t equal the numbers of protons present in the molecule or an atom. An atom is capable of acquiring either a negative or positive charge based on whether or not the numbers of electrons present in an atom are lesser or greater than the numbers of protons present in an atom

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When the atoms become attracted to other atoms because they have the unequal numbers of protons and electrons, then the atom is known as an ion. When the atom possesses more electrons in comparison to protons, then it is called a negative ion. When it has got more protons compared to electrons, then it is a positive ion.

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What is Recognized as an Ionic Bond?

Also known as an electrovalent bond, an ionic bond is a kind of linkage which is formed from a kind of electrostatic attraction that happens between some oppositely charged ions present in a chemical compound. This kind of bond forms at a time when the outermost (valence) electrons of only one atom are shifted to another atom permanently. An atom which loses an electron turns into a negatively charged ion, commonly known as an anion.

The Groupings of Ions

Ions can be grouped into a couple of categories; anions and cations. Anions are considered ions which carry a negative charge. In an anion, there are present more electrons in comparison to protons. The numbers of neutrons isn’t a factor in whether or not a functional group, molecule, or atom is an anion. Similar to cations, the charge which is on an anion gets indicated utilizing a superscript.

Cations are acknowledged as ions that carry a positive charge as the numbers of protons present in the species tend to be greater compared to the numbers of electrons. A cation’s formula gets specified by a superscript that follows the formula. This indicates the numbers of charges. When a number is present it precedes the + sign.

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The Results of Ionic Bonds

Ionic bonds do result in compounds called an electrovalent or ionic compound. These are highly exemplified by the compounds that are created between the alkali and nonmetals. The arrangement of ions happens in a method where the negative and positive charge balance and alternate one another as the general charge of the whole substance tend to be 0.

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