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Internal Combustion engines are the heat engines, which are used in vehicles, boats, ships, aeroplanes, and trains, where products and reactants of combustion work as the working fluids of an engine.

These engines are combined with hybrid-electric powertrains to enhance fuel economy and plug-in hybrid electric systems for extending hybrid electric vehicles. We at BookMyEssay offers excellent Internal Combustion Engines assignment help to students from all across the globe. We have a team of qualified coursework experts who can offer you an in-depth explanation of the topic.

What are Internal Combustion Engines?

ICE or Internal Combustion Engines are the common kinds of heat engines because they are used in boats, vehicles, aeroplanes, ships, and trains. The fuel gets ignited to work inside an engine. The air mixture and the same fuel is emitted as exhaust. It can be done using a turbine or a piston.

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ICE is the group of devices where the reactants of combustion such as fuel and oxidizer and the combustion products work as the working fluids of an engine. The engine gains energy from heat that is released during the combustion of non-reacting working fluids. This method happens inside the engine and it is a part of a thermodynamic cycle. The useful work gained by the IC engine occurs when hot gaseous combustion products act on moving surfaces including a turbine blade, piston, or a nozzle.  You can get in touch with BookMyEssay experts and receive Internal Combustion Engines essay writing help instantly.

Some of the Internal Combustion Engines

Though there are different types of Internal Combustion Engines, some of the common ICEs are discussed in our Internal Combustion Engines assignment help desk.

  1. Four-stroke piston engine

This engine is used in different automobiles such as trucks, cars, and some motorbikes. It delivers a one power stroke for two cycles of a piston.

  • Fuel is injected in the chamber
  • It catches fire.
  • The fire pushes the piston
  • The waste chemicals by mass or volume are mainly carbon and water vapour. There are pollutants like carbon monoxide.
  1. Two-stroke engine

This system needs only two-piston movements to generate power. One differentiating factor that allows a two-stroke engine to work with two-piston movements is that intake and exhaust of gas happen at the same time. The piston is used as a valve with the crankshaft for directing the flow of gases. Additionally, because of the frequent contact with the moving components, the fuel gets mixed with oil for adding lubrication and enabling smoother strokes.

  • The fuel-air mixture is added and a piston moves upwards. The inlet port gets opened up because of the piston’s position.
  • The heated gas can exert pressure on a piston, it moves downward, and the waste heat becomes exhausted.
  • The waste chemicals are mostly carbon dioxide and water vapour. There are pollutants like carbon monoxide resulting from incomplete combustion.

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Working with Internal Combustion Engines

Combustion is the chemical process to release energy from an air mixture or fuel. In an ICE, the combustion and ignition of the fuel happen within the engine. The engine converts the energy from combustion. This engine has a moving piston and a fixed cylinder. The expanding gases push a piston that rotates the crankshaft. There are two types of ICE that are stated in our help for assignment on Internal Combustion Engines: compression ignition diesel engine and spark ignition gasoline engine.

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