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The integumentary system includes the skin as well as its adjuncts that act for protecting the body from different types of damage, like outer damages or lack of sufficient water. This system comprises scales, nails, hooves, feathers, and hair.

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The Integumentary System: An Introduction

The integumentary system is recognized as the organ system that comprises the hair, skin, exocrine glands, and nails. The skin happens to be only some millimeters thick but it remains the largest organ present in the body.

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The skin of an average person weighs only ten pounds and it has got a surface area of nearly twenty square feet. Human skin forms the outer covering of the body and also forms a hindrance for shielding the body from diseases, chemicals, physical damage, and UV light.

Nails and hair extend from the skin for reinforcing the skin and also protecting it from the damage of the environment. The exocrine glands present in the integumentary system produce sweat, waxing for cooling, and moisturizing the surface of the skin. We never pick or copy content from other sources and so, students continue to have faith in us. This prompts them to take Integumentary System assignment help online from us.

What Does the Integumentary System Do?

Every layer of our skin donates to the general functioning within the body and among them; the most apparent is the skin as it protects our body from outer aggression.

Barrier function – Though the skin looks like a gentle organ the stupendous role of the skin turns apparent when a wound removes our skin from a particular region. Actually, preventing contaminations and regulating the temperature of the body turn into serious challenges for burn patients. Layers of heavily keratinized, tightly bound, and anucleated cells propose the initial streak of defense as it forms a physical hindrance. The slightly acidic behavior of the excretions of skin too works towards averting pathogenic colonization.

Thermoregulation – It is important for people to have sweat glands for thermoregulation. Sweat permits our bodies to become cool. But, goosebumps that arise from the shrinkage of arrector pili muscles are capable of keeping the body warm particularly when the matter comes to hairy mammals.

Excretion – Sebum and sweat play an excretory role for fat and water-soluble metabolites. For example, too much vitamin B from various supplements gets removed through sweat and urine.

Sensation as well as chemical synthesis – Some never endings present on the skin aid in sensing heat, pressure, touch, cold, and the power of damaging stimuli. Again, the skin is also vital for the formation of melanin that stops damage from ultraviolet rays, no matter it is skin cancer or sunburn.

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