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Herons are long-legged coastal and freshwater birds that belong to the family Ardeidae. It has 64 recognized species and a few of them are known as bitterns or egrets instead of herons. These birds have long beaks by evolutionary adaption.

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Herons: An Introduction

Herons are hugely distributed all across the globe but they are commonly seen in the tropics. Normally, they feed while wading silently in the shallow waters of marshes, pools, and swamps. They catch fishes, frogs, and various other aquatic animals.

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By nature, herons nest in the rough platforms of sticks that are built in trees or bushes near water. The nests are commonly grouped in colonies, known as heronries. Though herons do resemble birds of other families, like ibises, storks, cranes, and spoonbills, they hugely differ from those that do fly without their necks outstretched but retracted. Additionally, they belong to the groups of birds that possess powder down. A few members of this group nest in trees while some utilize reed beds.

Commonly, herons stand with their neck bent in a shape that looks like “S”. These birds fly with their legs trailing loosely. They hold their head against their bodies rather than stretching their neck in front similar to other birds. Herons have long and straight sharp-pointed bills, broad wings, and powder downs.

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The Description of the Blue Heron

The blue heron is a shy and wonderful bird that visits wetlands. Blue herons must not be handled as they habitually attack when they are provoked. Nonetheless, humans pose more threats to these birds in comparison to what creatures do to humans.

Ardea Herodias is another name for the great blue herons. These herons possess a height of 1–1.4 meters (3.2–4.5 feet). They possess a huge wingspan of 5.5–6.6 feet. These birds can fly at nearly 20-30 miles per hour. The adult birds have bluish-gray features on their wings, backs, and bellies. Black plumes do stretch from their eyes to beyond their backs of the head.

A white face and crown characterize this bird and this creature possesses a brown neck. The great blue heron possesses remarkable shaggy plumage with alternative color on its back and neck. An immature heron has a black cap, brownish-gray on its upper and back wings, and an even plumage. These birds don’t have the black plume which spreads from the eyes. A variant of this bird is white and it lives in south Florida only.

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A Few Common Heron Spirit Meanings of Animals

The heron is popular for being an unmatched hunter. This bird can spear fish directly from the water with its lightning-fast moves and it symbolizes people’s athleticism and showmanship. The herons can also strike at an appropriate time and this demonstrates the aggressive and fast movement that people must have when the matter zeroes on grabbing opportunities.

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