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The behaviour of humans is influenced by environment and heredity. The psychological and biological characteristics that are transmitted by the parents to the off-springs are called heredity. The assignments on Gredity and Environment are considered quite complicated in nature and this creates plenty of confusion among the students who are not aware of this concept.

As each student is different, the complications to complete an assignment varies from one student to another. The topic deals with an idea to know the reason why one individual is different from another, physically and psychologically. At BookMyEssay we have hired the best Biology assignment help experts who can offer a perfect Heredity and Environment assignment help.

What are Heredity and Environment?

Individuals are the progeny of parent cells, which come together when male sperms fertilize female eggs. There are hair-like substances in the nucleus of the parent cells called chromosomes. These chromosomes have chemical substances known as genes. The basic substances, genes and chromosomes decide the characteristics of a person. This is called heredity.

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The essential characteristics that are inherited by human beings are reflexes, physical structure, intelligence, innate drives, and temperament. The biologists say that the differences in the qualities or traits of people or groups are because of the differences in heredity. These are duly supported by sociologists and psychologists in their assertion.

Effects of Heredity

The supporters of the heredity theory are the authors such as Karl Pearson, Galton, Mc Dougall, and others. Some of the arguments that brought forward the Heredity and the Environment study, the prominent ones are stated in our Heredity and Environment assignment help desk.

Galton Studies

He has revealed that the probability of the happening of gifted children is higher if the fathers have superior intelligence.

Karl Pearson

Karl Pearson has concluded that the influence of an environment is less than of heredity to determine the importance of differences in humans. It is possible for measuring the relative efficiency of two. He provided evidence that two people within community heredity is 7X more important compared to the environment.

Similar to Pearson, many researchers have revealed that groups with higher intellectual or social rating have given more persons of distinction. For example, royal families produce more geniuses compared to other families.

The Difference in Intelligence Levels of the Various Occupation Groups

Some writers have revealed considerable differences between the various intelligence levels of various occupational groups. For example, it has been revealed that the children of their professional parents have an intelligence quotient of 116, managerial class and semi-professional classes have 112, skilled trades, clerical, and retail business have 107.5, slight skilled have 98, and children of rural and urban labourers and farmers have 96.

However, these are not because of heredity. These are vital facts, however, conclusions drawn are superficial. They give evidence about a common observation. Children born in those families that possess distinction are considered more to develop intellectual traits.

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The Respective Role of Heredity and the Environment

The Sociologists have made controlled experiments dor solving the nature and nurture problem and for ascertaining the influence of an environment against heredity. They have considered one factor as constant and the remaining as varied depending on the principle that the differences may be attributed to a variant factor. This is explained in details in our help for homework writing on Heredity and Environment subject.

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