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An academic cycle consists of classes, exams and assignments. It is important to excel in all aspects of academics in order to perform well. One of the main reasons for giving assignment is to make students understand how to study.

The importance of assignments can’t be ignored as it inculcates the habit of self-study and in this process; it helps the students to understand the concept of the topic. But students often face problem while balancing studies along with assignments. Due to the scarcity of time, students often don’t find time for studies.

The writing service of BookMyEssay can be availed by students in such situations. Our team is extremely competent to deliver work according to the guidelines and within deadlines. Globalization is one of the topics on which assignments are given. We will go into Globalization assignment help, but before that let us gather some idea related to it.

In today’s era, one can’t ignore globalization. In simple words, globalization means increasing the exchange and movements of goods & services, human beings, technologies, culture, capital, etc. all across the world. The inter-connectedness as well as the inter-dependency of countries increases due to globalization.

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Types of Globalization – Concept Map

The concept of globalization is wide. Globalization case study writing help explains in detail these concepts in the assignment. The globalization concept map examples are as follows:

Financial Globalization: The inter-link of global financial system, monetary exchanges and financial exchanges can be seen due to the financial globalization. You will also notice that the activity of one stock exchange affects other stock markets too.

Economic Globalization: It is the continuous development of trade and commerce across the planet.

Political Globalization: The involvement of international organizations like World Health Organization, United Nations, etc. implies Governmental engagement and interactions taking place at a global level.

Geographical Globalization: Now a day, it has become very convenient to travel to any part of the world, that too, at an affordable price. If you have an appropriate visa, you can visit any country.

Cultural Globalization: Exchange of culture has been on a rise ever since the globalization came into picture. Nations have been adopting beliefs, principles, and costumes of other nations.

Technological, Ecological, Sociological Globalization are some of the other examples of Globalization.

Benefits of Globalization

Globalization assignment help in AUS not only point-out the benefits of Globalization, but also elaborately describes the benefits. There are various benefits of globalization. One of them is free trade. Due to free trade, countries are encouraged to produce goods in which they are specialized and gain comparative advantage over others. Free trade also gives greater choice. Another advantage is free movement of labour. People can shift to countries where the work opportunity is higher. Globalization also helps in economies of scale. Another benefit is it reduces monopolies and encourages healthy competition. Globalization also helps in increasing investments. Big companies come forward by investing in developing countries which in turn helps in improving their economy.

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Cost of Globalization

Globalization comes with a cost. One of the costs of Globalization is the environmental cost. Due to globalization, the use of the non-renewable sources of energy has increased which increases environmental pollution as well as global warming. The free trade due to globalization often harms developing countries as they struggle to compete with developed nations.

Brain drain is another cost of globalization. The creamy layer of a developing county often shifts to a developed country. This makes it difficult for developing nations to hold their best-skilled professionals, and this hampers the development of the developing nation. Globalization has let to tax avoidance. Multinational companies often set up their corporate office in countries where tax implications are low.

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