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Students pursuing Mathematics often face difficulty when they have to write assignments on Geometry. Geometry Series is a complicated topic of Geometry and many students find it difficult to compose assignments on this topic.

This topic has many calculations and therefore students cannot prepare it perfectly. This makes them avail of Geometric Series assignment help from BookMyEssay. We have competent geometry experts who can prepare a perfect Geometric series homework writing solution. Moreover, they can help students understand a complex topic in an easy manner. As our experts have thorough knowledge on this topic, they can prepare it in a manner so that you can score top grades.

What is Geometric Series?

Geometric series is a series wherein the ratio of the two consecutive terms is the constant function of a summation index x. A general case of a ration of the summation index gives the series known as the hypergeometric series.

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Finite and Infinite Series

The series might be based on the fixed number of terms or infinite numbers. A finite series has a beginning number, a factor or difference, and a total fixed number of terms. The infinite series do not have any fixed terms and the terns might grow infinity, reduce to zero, or can approach a fixed value. The series can have a zero, infinite, or fixed result.

Applications of Geometric Series

Geometric series has played a vital role in the early development of calculus and it is continuing as a main part of the series convergence. They are used in mathematics. They have crucial applications in engineering, physics, economics, biology, queueing theory, science, and finance.

Geometric series are the simplest examples of the infinite series that have finite sums through all of them that do not have the same property. The geometric series is a simple power series as all the coefficients are 1. You can show convergence easily. It is helpful to prove that the other series converge via the comparison test. As stated in our Geometric Series assignment help online, the geometric series is present in mathematics as well as mathematical physics.

Geometric series offers an introduction to all kinds of infinite series that prove to be useful. It models the function as an infinite polynomial, or a complicated wave as the series of waveforms, or ππ as the series of fractions.

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The Quadrature of the Parabola

Archimedes used geometric series for computing the areas that are enclosed by a straight line and parabola. The method was to dissect an area into an infinite number of triangles.

The Theorem states that the complete area in the parabola is 4/3 of the area of a blue triangle. He found that every green triangle has 1/8 of an area of the blue triangle and the yellow triangle has 1/8 if the area of a green triangle. Assuming that the blue triangle has a total area of 1 then the total area is the infinite series:


The first term says the area of a blue triangle, in the second term there are areas of the green triangles and in the third term there are areas of the four yellow triangles. When you simplify the fraction, you shall get,


This is a geometric series with a common ratio ¼ and the fractional part is 1/3. This is stated in our help with assignment online on Geometric Series topics.

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