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Genetic Engineering is a process to add manually new DNA to organisms. Its objective is including a single or more new trait, which is not discovered in the organism. The examples of genetically designed organisms available include plants along with resistance to insects, crops with changed oil content, and plants, which can tolerate herbicides.

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The Concept of Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is the modification of genes using Biotechnology. This engineering field is the manipulation of genes of organisms called a genetic modification. It can alter the cells and transfer the genes across boundaries or within the body for producing improved organisms.

DNA is obtained by separating it from the organisms and inserting it into a different organism. The process is used for removing the genes from the organisms. It generates new organisms known as genetically modified organisms.

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The engineering techniques may be applied in different fields including medicine, research, agriculture, and industrial biotechnology. Genetic Engineering comprises of different topics and concepts. The main concepts to study are as follows:

  • Gene Cloning
  • Molecular Cloning
  • Gene Manipulation
  • Constructing artificial DNA molecules

What are the Applications of Genetic Engineering?

Genetic Engineering has made the understanding of practical and theoretical aspects of gene functioning highly advanced. By combining the DNA techniques and methods, bacteria are created, which can synthesize human growth hormone, human insulin, alpha interferon, hepatitis B vaccine, and medically helpful substances. Some of the applications are discussed in our Genetic Engineering assignment help online as follows:

Agriculture: DNA technology can alter the genotype of the crop plants and make them more nutritious, productive, disease-resistant, and rich in proteins. This technique can give high-yielding pulses, cereals, and vegetable crops.

Medicine: Genetic Engineering plays a vital role to produce medicines. Plant-based substances and microorganisms are manipulated for producing a huge amount of useful vaccines, drugs, hormones, and enzymes at low prices. Genetic engineering is related to the study of human genes, which can offer a map for the inheritance of healthy people. DNA technology can produce vaccines and the hormone insulin.

Energy production: DNA technology has immense scope in energy production. With the help of this technology, it has become possible for bioengineer energy crops to produce huge biomass, which can be used as fuel or can be processed into alcohol, oils, diesel, and energy products. The wastes can be changed to methane. Genetic engineers convert the wastes like cornstalks and sawdust into alcohol.

Industries: Genetically designed bacteria are used to generate industrial chemicals. A huge number of chemicals are synthesized at a great scale using genetically engineered microorganisms. Glucose is synthesized from sucrose using enzymes received from the genetically modified organisms.

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Kinds of Genetic Engineering Techniques

The techniques of Genetic Engineering are discussed in our Genetic Engineering homework writing help as follows:

  • Recombinant DNA: It is a kind of genetic engineering technology where an artificial DNA molecule can be built ligating different DNAs through physical methods. The gene is put into the plasmid vector. It is used for experimenting with gene transfer.
  • Gene Editing: This technique is used for editing the genome where a new gene is inserted or an undesired DNA sequence is eliminated into a host genome.
  • Gene Delivering: This technique is used for inserting a gene of interest into a host genome. Some of the methods used are the solicitation, electroporation, liposome-mediated, and transposon-mediated gene transfer.

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