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Fossil Fuel formation is the method, which takes place within the time span over millions of years for producing fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas. The produced materials start as organic materials and they can be changed over a huge time span because of burial by pressure, sediment, and temperature resulting in the various kinds of fossil fuels.

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Formation of Fossil Fuels

The fossil fuels are made from animals and plants who have lived millions of years ago. Plants use energy from the sun and form energy-rich compounds of carbon. When the animals and plants die, their remains go to the bottom of the sea and ground. Organic materials are laid layer upon layer. Finally, the layers get buried deeply. They experience intense pressure and heat. The organic materials change into fossil fuels after millions of years.

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The fossil fuels are compounds of hydrogen and carbon known as hydrocarbons. The hydrocarbons may be liquid, solid, and gas. The solid form is coal, the gaseous form is natural gas and the liquid form is crude oil or petroleum. The solar energy that is stored in fossil fuels can be a rich energy source. As they take a long time to form, these are nonrenewable.

Kinds of Fossil Fuels

The kinds of Fossil Fuels are discussed in our Fossil Fuel Formation homework writing help as follows:

Coal: Coal is a widely used fossil fuel. Coal is formed from plants, which grow near or in swamps in humid and warm regions of the Earth. Dead plant matters fall into swamps and they settle at the bottom and form into a thick layer. After millions of years, sediment compresses the decayed plant matter. The heat and pressure of sediment layers altered the peat into soft coal. Continued pressure and heat change it into harder coal form.

Natural gas and Petroleum: Natural gas and petroleum are common gaseous and liquid fossil fuels. Petroleum is known as crude oil. Petroleum refers to the liquid form and technically, it includes natural gas. Oil and gas are formed from the buried remains of small aquatic animals including algae and zooplankton. When these organisms are decomposed the buried remains are changed into a substance known as kerogen.

With increasing pressure and heat for millions of years, more sediment layers are transformed into petroleum. The main fossil fuels are gasoline and fuel oils like diesel and furnace oils. Kerosene is used in many places for space heating and cooking. Natural gas is used for cooking and heating.

Other fossil fuels: Coke and peat are fossil fuels, which are commonly used. Peat is an efficient fuel and it burns slowly giving little heat and much smoke. Coke remains after tar and gases are extracted from coal. It produces heat without smoke and it is used widely in blast furnaces.

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Can Fossil Fuels Be Renewed?

Fossil Fuels are non-renewable sources of energy. Fossil Fuels are found at all the places from the water to the air. Most of the energy that we use is obtained by burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels can be used at a quicker rate. These fuels cannot be regrown at a faster rate than their consumption. They have a huge demand and used by households and industries and therefore they are declining rapidly. They cannot be replaced easily. This is the reason why fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy. This is explained in our Fossil Fuel Formation assignment help in AUS.

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