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The ions are acknowledged as one electrically charged atom and at times, a group of atoms. These are formed either by the gain or loss of electrons. When the atoms gain electrons, then they become negatively charged ions whereas when atoms lose electrons, then they become positively charged ions.

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What is Known as an Ion?

Ion is an atom or groups of atoms which bear one or more than one negative or positive electrical charge. The ions that are positively charged are known as cations whereas the ions that are negatively charged are known as anions. With the inclusion of electrons, ions get formed. Ions also form by the integration of ions with various other components, molecules, or neutral atoms or other ions and at times, by the rupture of covalent bonds between a couple of atoms.

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Some instances of these processes comprise the reaction of sodium atoms with chlorine atoms for forming chloride anions and sodium cations. Some more examples are the inclusion of hydrogen cations to the ammonia molecules for forming ammonium cations besides the dissociation of water molecules for forming hydroxide anions and hydrogen cations.

Numerous crystalline compounds are composed of ions that are held in uniform geometric patterns through the attraction of some oppositely charged components for each other. An ion migrates under the effect of the electrical fields and it is the conductor of electric current.

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How Ions are Formed by the Loss or Gain of Electrons?

The ion which has got charge / tends to be electrically charged and ions get formed because of the gain or loss of electrons. When the atoms gain electrons, then they turn negatively charged ions. At times, non-metals do this and then they form anions. Hence, elements beginning from group 5 to 7 will become anions. When the atoms lose electrons, then they become positively charged ions. Metals too do this and then they become cations.

So, commonly, elements beginning from group 1 to 3 will become cations. Group 0/8 is considered noble gases and they happen to be inert + unreactive too. Hence, they fail to form ions.

Information on Charges on Ions

You can quickly work out the charge that an ion ought to be and it is:

  • The total number of charges that form on an ion through metal is similar to the metal’s group number.
  • Again, the number of charges that are formed by non-metals on an ion is similar to the minus eight’s group number.
  • Hydrogen does form H+ ions.

When you are aware of the ions’ charges then you will be able to find out an ionic compound’s formula.

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Reduction and Oxidation

When a thing loses electrons, then people say that it has got oxidized. Again, when a thing gains electrons, then people say that it has been lessened. This is pretty easy to remember through the use of mnemonic OIL RIG. Hence, when the matter comes to ionic bonding, then you oxidize the metals and lessen the non-metals.

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