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Algebra is a broad discipline of mathematics. In algebra, alphabets and numbers are used for formulation equations that are solved under a given set of guidelines and rules. Algebra plays a vital role in students pursuing mathematics.

Expectation algebra is a complicated topic and solving mathematics assignments is troublesome for many students. Several students of graduate as well as postgraduate levels look for help in advanced algebra syllabus. To provide assistance to these students, BookMyEssay has come up with Expectation Algebra assignment help.

What is Expectation Algebra?

Expectation Algebra is the integration and summation of the possible values from random variables. This is called the product of a probability of the event happening, P(x), and the corresponding with an actually observed happening of an event. This expected value is the useful property of the random variable.

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The expect value E(X) may be computed by the overall summation of the distinct values, which a random variable might take. This mathematical expectation shall be given by a mathematical formula E(X)= Σ (x1p1, x2p2, …, xnpn), wherein x is the random variable using the probability function such as f(x), p= probability of the happening, n=number of possible values.

The mathematical expectation can be zero when there is no happening of event A. The mathematical expectation of the indicator variable shall be one when there is a happening of event A. It is a helpful tool for finding the probability of an event A. We have recruited the best Mathematics experts who can offer the most reliable Expectation Algebra homework writing help.

Properties of Expectation Algebra

The properties are mentioned when you buy assignment help on Expectation Algebra as follows:

In the first property, X and Y are two random variables, the mathematical expectation of the addition of the two variables is equal to the addition of mathematical expectation of both X and Y, if there exists the mathematical expectation. E(X+Y)=E(X)+E(Y).

In the second property, the mathematical expectation of a product of two random variables shall be the product of a mathematical expectation of two variables, in case the two variables are not dependent in nature. E(XY)=E(X)E(Y). The property states that a mathematical expectation of a product of n number of random variables shall be equal to a product of a n random variables.

The mathematical expectation of a product of the function and constant of the random variable is the same as the product of the mathematical expectation and constant of a random variable given in the mathematical expectation. It also states that a mathematical expectation of a sum of the function and constant of the random variable is equal to the addition of the mathematical expectation and constant of a function. E(a *f(X))=a E(f(X)) and E(a+f(X))=a+E(f(X))

In the fourth property, the mathematical expectation of a sum of a product between the function and constant of a random variable is equal to the addition of a product between the mathematical expectation and constant. E(aX+b)=aE(X)+b, wherein a as well as b are constants.

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Uses and Applications

The uses are stated in our Expectation Algebra assignment help online.

  • The expected value plays a vital role in multiple applications. In regression analysis, the formula provides a good estimate of a parameter that gives the effect of explanatory variables on a dependent variable.
  • It gives estimates through different data samples. It provides a random value. A formula is considered when it is the unbiased estimator or if the estimated value of an estimate is the actual value of the desired parameter. In uncertainty, an agent is the optimum choice for incomplete information.
  • In risk-neutral agents, a choice includes using expected values of the uncertain quantities. In risk-averse agents, it includes maximizing the value of an objective function.

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