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Evaluative essays as the name suggests are written to produce the product or service evaluation which is not biased or not opinionated. Although when done it generally comes across as producing an opinion but it is to produce overall reviews of any particular item. The main ability of the writer is to ensure the writing done is unbiased. This can be completed in a set of certain steps.

First of all we must choose a topic so in case topic is not allocated by examiner then the Student must choose a topic they have got knowledge about or interest in because an evaluative essay will need exploring the topic deeply and doing the required analysis. Then the writer should come up with the criteria that is being used to evaluate or judge the item and it's also called thesis statement.

It should be quite clear and can be revised or refines as we proceed. Then comes defining the assessment benchmark that is the criteria to assess the item or service say there can be different parameter to evaluate the worth of an item and these will be different for different items. Reviewing various sources of information, other evidence and taking clue from there as we need the bigger picture and not just our viewpoint. Drafting an essay is the next step where we start to give an outline to it which can be further refined and improvised.

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 Currently we add details and further make it detailed as we proceed together. Review, revise and rephrase as you move forward giving it a logical structure and smooth detailing of information. Of course all of this needs lot of pre work, research, analysis and professional tact to handle things gracefully and put them into a writing that meets all the principles and framework of essay writing. Students seek reliable evaluative essay help from professionals and BookMyEssay is the most trusted partner to offer the academic writing services to students across the globe anytime 24/7.

Criteria is the benchmark or features of evaluation of an item, it basically defines what is an ideal state for the item or product/service that is being evaluated. It tell you what should you expect from the product. What should be or must be their best characteristic. For eg: If you choose a hotel accommodation what are the features you will evaluate like room service, cleanliness, food and breakfast quality , value for money etc. Hence these benchmarks are quite clear and we can easily then evaluate or compare a service against the parameters.

The judgment feature is where we see whether or not the evaluation benchmarks have been met or not. So it involves evaluating the service against each parameter. For eg if we go with the hotel example we will have to judge whether hotel meets the expectation criteria of good accommodation, cleanliness or does it meet the benchmark of good food quality or not, Where you establish whether or not the benchmarks have been met. Sticking with our hotel example, you might start with judging whether or not the hotel meets the benchmark of having great accommodations. Does it meet, or exceed the quality you expect? Or does it fall short? You can then proceed with the other criteria.

It is important that you must provide signs to advocate your judgments. Foe eg : we take same hotel example and if we judge that accommodation does not meet expectations in evaluation then we must know and share why are we saying so and what are the reasons or signs. In essay writing we usually deal with different criteria and we must fully explain criteria, make required judgments and also offer supporting signs, clues and proof. The relevant details must be shared clearly without any ambiguity.

Tips for Writing a Great Evaluation Essay

Give the Right Amount of detail sharing how we reached at the conclusion, what makes us pass a judgment about something etc. We need to share relevant data, examples etc to showcase or prove the points we are making. The introduction should clearly state what is it that we are going to evaluate and what is going to be the criteria of doing so. The criteria should also be precise, relevant and clear. If the evaluation you are making will be full of supporting events and facts then it should be easy for you to make readers agree with your findings and it should not be looked upon as prejudiced. There should be enough information to make it crisp, objective and clear.

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