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Eukaryotic cells are considered cells that comprise organelles and a nucleus and they remain enclosed with the help of a plasma membrane. The organisms that possess eukaryotic cells comprise plants, animals, fungi and protozoa and these organisms get grouped into Eukaryota, a biological domain.

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What are Known as Eukaryotic Cells?

Eukaryotic cells can be identified easily as they are more complex and larger compared to prokaryotic cells that are available in Bacteria and Archaea. Eukaryotic cells are the more advanced, developed, and complicated forms of cells and they are considered the smallest unit or building block of life that ranges from the highly complicated animals and plants to simple as protozoa and amoeba.

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Structure of Eukaryotic Cells

Eukaryotic cells possess a defined nucleus besides various other membrane-bound cell organelles, like the ribosome, lysosome, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi bodies, etc. Every cell organelle is held in its position by cytoplasm that remains shielded by a plasma membrane and the plasma membrane is shielded by the wall of the cell.

Several organisms comprise only one eukaryotic cell; for instance, protozoa, amoeba, slime mold, and some types of algae are single-celled eukaryotes. Again, sperms are singular cells that are found in animals. Eukaryotic unicellular cells comprise several organelles that carry out functions, like digestion, excretion, respiration, locomotion, reproduction, circulation, besides many others.

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Instances of Eukaryotic Cells

Plant cells – These cells are exclusive among eukaryotic cells for more reasons than one and they have comparatively thick cell walls which are made commonly of cellulose and aid in maintaining the structural support. Every plant cell has got a huge vacuole in the middle which permits it to preserve turgor pressure that is considered the pressure from having lots of water and helps in keeping the plant upright. Again, plant cells also comprise organelles named chloroplasts that comprise the molecule chlorophyll and this vital molecule is helpful in photosynthesis.

Animal cells – Animal cells lack cell walls and they have got plasma membrane only. The shortage of a cell wall permits these cells to form various shapes besides allowing for the methods of phagocytosis and pinocytosis to happen. However, animal cells are hugely different plant cells as they don’t possess chloroplasts but have small vacuoles in place of a huge central vacuole.

Fungal cells – Similar to plant cells, fungal cells too possess a cell wall though their cell wall is created from chitin. A few fungi have got septa that are the holes that permit cytoplasm and organelles to get through them and this turns the boundaries between various cells less clear.

Protozoa – Protozoa are recognized as eukaryotic organisms that comprise only one cell and they can wander around plus eat. In fact, they do digest their food in vacuoles too. A few protozoa possess numerous cilia that are small arms that permit them to move from one place to another. A few also possess a thin layer, known as a pellicle from where the cell membrane gets support.

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