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ER Diagrams or an entity-relationship diagram depicts the relationship of entities stored in the database. Entities are objects. The entities have features, which define their properties. The ER diagram shows the logical structure of a database. These diagrams are used for sketching the design of databases. The experts of BookMyEssay can solve the most complicated ER Diagrams Assignment Help. Our experts can offer perfect and instant programming assignment help. Due to this, students can score excellent grades.

What are ER Diagrams?

An ER model or an Entity-relationship model shows the structure of a database using a diagram, called Entity Relationship Diagram. The ER model is a blueprint or design of a database, which can be implemented later as a database. The main parts of the ER model include relationship set and entity set.

ER Diagrams show the relationship between entity sets. Entity sets are groups of similar activities and the entities have attributes. An entity is an attribute or table in a database and thus by showing the relationship among attributes and tables, ER Diagrams shows the logical structure of databases. Our expert panel comprises ER Diagram professors from all across the world and we offer ER diagram case study writing help to worldwide students.

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Components of ER Diagrams

The three main components are discussed in our ER Diagrams homework assignment help online as follows:

  1. Entity
  2. Attribute
  3. Relationship


An entity is a component or object of data. It is represented as the rectangle in the ER diagram. An entity that cannot be identified uniquely by its own features and depends on the relationship with some other entity is known as a weak entity. It is shown by a double rectangle.


It says regarding the property of an entity. It has four attributes namely key attribute, multivalued attribute, derived attribute, and composite attribute.

  • Key attribute: It can identify the entity uniquely from the entity set. It is shown by an oval just like other attributes though the text of a key attribute that is always underlined.
  • Composite attribute: It is an attribute, which is a combination of many other attributes.
  • Multivalued attribute: This attribute can hold many values. It is represented using double ovals.
  • Derived attribute: This attribute has dynamic value and it is derived from some other attribute. This is represented by a dashed oval in the ER diagram.


This is represented by a diamond shape in an ER Diagram. It depicts the relationship among entities. The different kinds of relationships are

  • One to one: When one instance of the entity is related to a single instance of some other entity, it is known as one to one relationship.
  • Many to One: When more than a single instance of the entity is linked with a single instance of other entities it is known as many to one relationships.
  • One to Many: When an entity’s single instance is linked with more than a single instance of some other entity, it is known as one to many relationship.
  • Many to Many: When more than one instance of the entities is linked with more than one instance of another entities, it is known as many to many relationships.

Uses of ER Diagrams

The uses of ER Diagrams are highlighted in our ER Diagrams assignment help in Australia as follows:

  • Database Design: Drawing ER Diagrams can help you visualize a database design idea. You can identify the design flaws and mistakes and you can make corrections before making changes in the database.
  • Database debugging: When you visualize Database schema using an ERD, you shall have a complete picture of the database schema. You might locate entities, identify the relationships, and view their features. This shall help you in analyzing the existing databases.

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