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Writing is that practice where you have to be very specific and clear with your words. There are many regulations that should be followed religiously to give some meaning to the words. If we talk about punctuation it is one of the major parts of English writing. We, at BookMyEssay, provide English Punctuation assignment help to the students, so that they can enhance their English writing.

Punctuation is the set of some special marks. These punctuation marks are the soul and heart of writing. The punctuation marks are used to clarify the meaning of sentences. Do you know that word punctuation is driven from Medieval Latin word “p?nctu?ti?n” and it means signs and markings? You would immediately understand the importance of Punctuation if you would try to read the text which is completely devoid of punctuation. The right use of punctuation can help you organize and structure your writing.

So, the students who are having troubles understanding the right use of punctuation can take assistance from the professional writers of BookMyEssay. Hiring help for assignment on English Punctuation can solve all your writing problems. However, to help you out with basics rules of punctuation, here are few some of the major punctuation marks that every student should know about. Take a good look further to clear all the doubts in your mind. Get online English punctuation homework writing help from BookMyEssay.

List of Some Important Punctuation

The comma (,): You must be familiar with this punctuation mark. But the only problem that occurs with it is that people use it too much. These are generally used to insert the pauses or to break the sentence. This provides readability to long sentences.

Most of the time people overuse these commas throughout the text. The Comma should be added when you want to separate the two sentences or between the words in the series. It is also used to distinguish introductory element and to set off the words like “no” and “yes”.

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  • He is smart, intelligent and handsome.
  • No, I am fine. Thank You.
  • Car washing is indeed a challenging work, but the reward is well worth it.

Full Stop/ Period (.): The full stop or period is used at the end of the sentence. This punctuation mark is used to indicate that the sentence is complete. The periods are also used to create the abbreviations.


  • Your hat is beautiful.
  • Johnson would come today.

Colons (:) and Semicolon (;): The colons are used in three separate ways. It is used before introducing the list, before quotations or direct speech and sometimes between clauses in the sentence. On the other hand, the Semicolon is used to the when you want to put to the break-in your sentence. It basically connects the independent clauses and explains the connection between them.


  • People are adopting cats; in fact, the shelters are getting closed.
  • I enjoy my spare time in three ways: reading, dancing, and cooking.

Apostrophes: This punctuation mark often creates a lot of confusion. The Apostrophes is used for many purposes and some of them are mentioned below:

  • For belongingness and possession: The Apostrophes is used to show the possession of something. “John’s dog ran away.”
  • For omissions: It is also used at the place of the missing letters. “I can’t stand her, she is so annoying.”
  • For the plural of lowercase alphabets:  Another use of Apostrophes is to show the plural of lowercase letters.  “Seven girls were told to mind their p’s and q’s.”

Exclamation Mark (!): The use of exclamation mark is done to show emotions or commands or for emphasizing something.


  • Wow! That’s a beautiful dress.
  • Stop it right now!

So, these were the major punctuations. There are many others of them. To acquire more information about their uses and examples, you can ask the experts, “write my assignment for me on English Punctuation” to BookMyEssay anytime.

Problems Students Face with Punctuation Marks

It’s no secret that understanding the proficient use of punctuation could be complicated for the students who have just begun learning it. Even sometimes, the experts make some silly mistakes with it. You should know that the wrong punctuations can completely change the meaning of the sentence. This means you have to be very careful while using it. There is a need for full concentration while placing punctuation in the text otherwise it would entirely change the meaning. At such circumstances, you should always consider buying assignment help for English punctuation from the professionals.

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