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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV is also known as Drone. It is an aircraft or an airborne system that is remotely operated by humans or by onboard computers. It is a new addition that is used for real- time assessment and large-scale mapping and to monitor activities of different applications. UAV is an important part of Electronics Engineering and many students pursuing Electronics engineering are given assignments on this topic. When students find it difficult, they avail of Electronic and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle assignment help online from BookMyEssay.

What is Electronic and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)?

UAV or Unmanned aerial vehicle is guided by remote control or autonomously, or both and it carries target designators, sensors, electronic transmitters, offensive ordnance created to destroy or interfere with enemy targets. UAVs are highly efficient and they provide greater endurance and range than manned systems.

The use of UAVs has invited a lot of attraction from engineers, researchers, and investors in fields including coverage issues, agriculture domain, disaster events, emergency situations, environmental monitoring, farmland, and 3D-mapping.  This technology plays a vital role to support human activities. The use of drones has become a significant factor in the automation process. UAV offers several benefits such as efficiency, agility, and minimize risk in a dangerous mission. BookMyEssay have competent and skilled experts who can provide you the best assignment writing help on Electronic and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

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Benefits of UAVs

UAVs are aircraft that may be controlled by a pilot remotely or by an automation system and they can fly anonymously. A huge number of organizations and industries are using this technology such as government, military, recreational, and commercial. With the advancement of drone technology, the aircraft are becoming affordable and common and they are creating a significant effect on private as well as the public sector. The benefits are discussed in our Electronic and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle homework help online as follows:

Aerial imaging: They are great to take aerial videos and photographs and they can collect a huge amount of imaging data. The images captured shall be high-resolution and can create interactive 3D models and 3D maps. The 3D maps of disaster areas can prepare rescue teams in a better way.

Precision: They use GPS and they can be maneuvered and programmed accurately to locations. It is useful in various situations. In agriculture, they are used for different farming needs including spraying fertilizers and monitoring the health of crops. It saves farmers’ costs and time.

Easy deployable: With the advancement in control technology, UAVs can be operated and deployed with very minimum experience. With there are combined with low-cost models they can be used for various operators. Drones have a wide movement compared to the manned environment. They can fly in more and lower direction and they can navigate easily to the difficult areas.

Security: With an appropriate license, UAVs are used by operators to provide surveillance and security to sporting events, private companies, public gatherings, and many more. They can accumulate valuable data both during and after disasters for helping in recovery and security.

Applications of UAVs

The applications are highlighted in our Electronic and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) assignment help free from plag as follows:

  • Wildfires: They can spot the fires and fight fires.
  • Disaster relief: It is used to provide relief in natural disasters.
  • Fighting crime: Police including the FBI uses UAVs for surveillance.
  • Products delivery: E-commerce companies such as Amazon might deliver products through UAVs.
  • 3D mapping: Small drones are used for surveying landscapes with digital images.
  • Hurricane hunting: NASA use drone to observe storms when they evolve.
  • Search: It can be used for search and rescue operations.

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