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Electric power is the energy generated via the conversion of other kinds of energy including thermal, mechanical, or chemical energy. Electric energy is used for many purposes including computer operation, lighting, entertainment applications, and motive power. It is defined as a rate of transfer of energy. Generators produce electric power and it is supplied by an electrical battery. Electric Power assignment help is one of the most sought after assignments by electrical engineering students.

What is Electric Power?

Electric Power is featured by the flow of voltage and electric charge to deliver energy. Power can be generated by a combination of voltage and current values. When the current is direct, the electronic charge progresses in the same direction. When the current is alternating, an electronic charge moves forward and backward in a device and the wires connected to it.

In most applications, either kind of current is suitable, however, AC or alternating current is available widely due to higher efficiency and it may be generated as well as distributed. DC or direct current is needed for industrial applications including electrometallurgical and electroplating process and for most of the electronic devices. Students can greatly benefit from our writing services because we can provide Electric Power assignment help students secure top grades.

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Types of Electric Power

There are two kinds of Electric Power that are discussed in our Electric Power essay homework help as follows:

DC Power: DC is simple. There is a constant voltage for pushing electric charge. The current is produced depending on electrical resistance. This current can flow only in a single direction. DC power is the product of the current in watts and voltage needed for supplying the converted energy.


In DC, when the circuit is resistive, current and voltage are in the same phase. The power factor does not happen here as there is not any concept of a phase angle between current and voltage.

AC Power: AC Power is the rate of flow of electrical energy through electrical circuits in sinusoidal nature. In an circuit, AC is consumed by a connecting load to a circuit. AC consumes in the inductive load, resistive load, and capacitive load.

AC can be classified into the following parts:

  • Active Power
  • Apparent Power
  • Reactive power

This power is mainly used as it can easily step up as well as step down power.

Active Power is called the Actual Power or Real Power or True Power or Watt full Power. The power that flows from sources to a load in a circuit is known as active power and it flows in a single direction.

Reactive power is called Watt less Power, Imaginary Power, or useless Power. The power that flows constantly from load to source and from source to load in a circuit is known as Reactive Power.

Apparent Power is a combination of Reactive power and Active power. It is identified by S and it is expressed in kVA (KiloVolt-Amp) or VA (Volt Ampere). We have a team of excellent electrical engineering assignment experts who are specialized in different electrical subjects.

Applications of Electric Power

Electric Power is used in a wide range of areas and some of them are highlighted in our Electric Power assignment help online as follows:

  • Used in healthcare: Without electric power, surgical operations cannot begin. Doctors require powerful light at the time of operation.
  • Used in engineering: Electric power is employed for the development of buildings, materials welding, installation of windows and gates.
  • Used in transport and communication: Reaching places and communicating from a different part of the world is possible due to electricity.
  • Used in office: Most things in the office run on electricity. The lifts, lights, coffee machine, AC, biometric scanners all need electric power.

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