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Electric circuits are lines or paths via which the electric current flows. This path might be joined at both ends thus making them a loop. Closed circuits make electric current flow. In an open circuit, wherein the flow of electrons is short due to the broken path. In an open circuit, electric current doesn't flow. If you are pursuing Electrical Engineering then you may be given the assignment to write on this topic. Electrical circuits are a vital topic and electrical engineering students to secure top grades avail of Electric Circuit assignment help online from BookMyEssay.

What are Electric Circuits?

Electric Circuits are the interconnection of the electrical components. They consist of resistors, batteries, capacitors, inductors, transistors, or switches. The electrical network comprises a closed loop. They are a device that offers a pathway for the flow of an electric current. In an electric circuit, the current begins to flow from a high potential source to low potential point. The flow of electric current is the flow of electrons. We, at BookMyEssay have hired experienced Electrical Engineering assignment help tutors who can provide you with excellent Electric circuit assignment help.

The basic properties of Electric Circuits are as follows:

  • The circuit is a closed path.
  • It comprises of an energy source
  • The direction of electrons flow is from a negative terminal to a positive terminal of a source

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  • The direction of current flow is from a positive terminal to a negative terminal of a source.

Kinds of Circuits

The kinds of circuits are discussed in our Electric Circuit essay assignment help as follows:

Open circuit: In a simple circuit, a terminal is disconnected there is no electric current flow through the circuit. It is known as an open circuit.

Closed circuit: Electric circuits have a load and an Electromotive force. The load functions like a conductor path. when the current flow via the load, it is known as the closed circuit. In a simple circuit, the flow of current happens from one terminal to another terminal of the battery without discontinuation then it is a closed circuit.

Short circuit: When the positive terminal of a battery is connected directly to a negative terminal minus any resistance it is a short circuit. Besides the other types of circuits, the components in electric circuits may be arranged in two ways and they are parallel connection and series connection.

Series circuit: In a circuit when the components are connected in a series the circuit is called a series circuit. In series circuits, the current is the same in each component and the supplied voltage is equal to the sum of a voltage across all components.

Parallel circuit: In a circuit when the components are connected parallelly, it is called a parallel circuit. In this circuit, the voltage in every component shall remain the same and the total current is the sum of the current in each component.

Basic Electric Circuits Elements

The basic electric circuit elements are highlighted in our help for assignment on Electric Circuit as under:

Active Circuit Elements: These elements generate energy. Examples include generators, batteries, diodes, and operational amplifiers. As an energy source, the current or voltage source is of two kinds; dependent and independent. An independent source is a battery that offers a constant voltage to a circuit regardless of the current that flows. A dependent source is transistors that provide current to a circuit.

Passive circuit elements: Passive elements are elements that can control the electrons flow through them. They decrease or increase the voltage. The examples are inductors and resistors. Resistors oppose the current flow and in linear circuits, Ohm’s Law is applied. Inductors store energy as an electromagnetic field. The voltage in an inductor is proportionate to the rate of change of current.

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