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An ecosystem is the place of living beings and their life processes are interlinked. Many ecosystems are at serious risk to survive due to human intervention. Anything that tries to alter the ecosystem’s balance potentially threatens the existence and health of the ecosystem. Students pursuing Ecology courses are often given assignments on the Threat to Ecosystems, however, many students find the assignment time consuming and lengthy. This reason is that you have to conduct extensive research on the topic. BookMyEssay offers the best Ecosystems Under Threat assignment help.

What are Ecosystems Under Threat?

An ecosystem is the interconnection of organisms including plants, animals, and microbes with one another and the non-living environment. In ecosystems, all living organisms have an ecological niche. So, an ecosystem is the balanced and complex relationship between biotic and abiotic components with one another in a given location.

The things that make an attempt to change the balance of ecosystems put the existence and health of the ecosystem at risk. Some threats are not worrying because they can be resolved naturally if the natural conditions are normally restored. However, there are other factors that can destroy ecosystems and make some kinds of life extinct. BookMyEssay has a team of expert writers who ensure you professionally well-researched help for assignment on Ecosystems Under Threat related topics.

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Potential Threats to an Ecosystem

The potential threats to an ecosystem are discussed in our Ecosystems under threat homework writing help as follows:

Habitat destruction: The economic activities including mining, logging, construction, and farming include clearing natural vegetative covering. Tampering with a single ecosystem factor might have a ripple effect and can affect more than one factors in an ecosystem. For instance, clearing a timber can make the upper layer of the soil exposed to heat. This might cause the death of many insects and animals.

Pollution: Water, air, and land pollution play a vital role in an ecosystem. Pollution can be human-caused or natural, however, whatever be the cause they release destructive chemicals and agents to the environment. The implications of pollution are interference with the natural cycle of an ecosystem including the nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle, food chain, and the water cycle.

Eutrophication: Eutrophication is an excessive concentration of chemical properties in the water bodies that results in a dense growth of algae blooms and plant life. Depending on the degree of eutrophication, the impacts can be oxygen depletion, excessive water quality deterioration, seafood poisoning, etc. Due to this, the survival of fish and aquatic life forms is under threat.

Global warming and climate changes: Global warming and climate change are threats to an ecosystem. The changes in global temperature and climatic changes impact directly the abiotic factors important to sustain the biotic factors. The rising rate of global temperature is altering and destroying the coral reefs, water cycles, and mountain regions that are important ecosystem resources.

Invasive Species: Foreign species finding their way into the ecosystems either by natural initiation or by humans can create serious havoc on the members of an ecosystem. When this happens, the species shall be wiped out entirely or they might it difficult to survive. Invasive species compete for food with native species and they change the habitat. This results in ecosystem destruction and extinction of species.

Overharvesting: Fish species, special plants, and others fall victim due to over-harvesting. Overharvesting results in a reduction in population, distributions, and community structures. Many fish species have already reached the maximum level of exploitation and others shall follow.

UV radiation: The ultraviolet rays of the sun play a vital role. UV comes in three wavelengths: UVB, UVA, and UVC. UVC and UBC are destructive and can cause cell and DNA damage to animals and plants.

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