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An ecosystem is a term used in biology that refers to the community of animals and plants communicating with one another and with the non-living environments including earth, weather, soil, sun, atmosphere, and climate. The ecosystem is the way the different organisms live closely with one another and communicate with one another. If you need Ecosystems assignment help, you can contact our professional experts of BookMyEssay. Our academic experts always provide quality ecosystem essay writing help that are easy to understand.

What are Ecosystems?

An ecosystem is a complex relationship between living as well as nonliving things and how they interact with one another. Ecosystems are the basis of the Biosphere and they maintain the natural balance of Earth.

Ecosystems may be large with several different kinds of plants and animals who are living and they can be small. In the harsh places mainly the North Pole and the South Pole, the ecosystems are simple as there are a few kinds of creatures, which can withstand the harsh and freezing living conditions.

Some creatures are found in the various ecosystem all across the globe. It consists of creatures, which benefit from one another mutually. An ecosystem can be destroyed by an increase in sea level or a rise in temperature. You can rely on BookMyEssay academic experts for the best Ecosystems case study writing help.

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Kinds of Ecosystem

There are different kinds of ecosystems, however, the three main kinds of ecosystems include the following:

1. Freshwater Ecosystems

These are divided into smaller ecosystems such as pond ecosystems and river ecosystems. Ponds ecosystems are relatively small. They include plants, insects, and amphibians. As river link to the seas, they contain fish along with insects, amphibians, and plants.

2. Terrestrial Ecosystems

There are many terrestrial ecosystems as there are many kinds of places. The common terrestrial ecosystems found on the Earth include the following:

  • Rainforests have highly dense ecosystems as there are different kinds of animals living in a small place.
  • Tundra has simple ecosystems as the amount of life is limited who can survive in harsh conditions.
  • Deserts are opposite to Tundra in multiple ways, though harsh still more animals live in this extreme weather compared to living in the extremely cold weather of Antarctica.
  • Savannas differ from deserts due to the amount of rain the place receives every year. Deserts receive a small amount of precipitation each year but savannas receive more rain and support more life.
  • Forests are of different kinds including coniferous and deciduous forests. They have complex ecosystems and can support life.
  • Grasslands support a huge variety of life and have involved and complex ecosystems.

3. Ocean Ecosystems

Ocean ecosystems are contained though like freshwater ecosystems they include birds that hunt for insects and fish. The different kinds of ocean ecosystems include the following:

  • Shallow water- Corals and tiny fish live in shallow water.
  • Deepwater- Big and gigantic creatures can live in deep waters. A few strange creatures live at the bottom of the sea.
  • Coldwater is less diverse and it supports complex ecosystems. Plankton is the base of a food chain, followed by small fishes, which are eaten by larger fishes and creatures including penguins and seals.
  • Warm water contains intricate and impressive ecosystems.

Why is it Important to Preserve the Ecosystem?

Preserving the ecosystem is vital and its importance is highlighted in our Ecosystems assignment help. Like other living things, people depend on the natural ecosystem to survive. To keep the living conditions alive, you can preserve the natural ecosystems. If humans change the features of the ecosystem intensely, there might be a lot of risks that can adversely impact the lives of plants and animals.

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